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Britney holds her children hostage and is strechered away

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jenk1 · 04/01/2008 09:36

for being under the influence of a substance.


OP posts:
belgo · 04/01/2008 09:36

poor kids, poor Britney, if it's true.

Flier · 04/01/2008 09:39

that girl has been really let down by her management/the people closest to her.

needmorecoffee · 04/01/2008 09:41

feel sorry for her. despite all that talent and wealth, she is a very unhappy person.

LoveMyGirls · 04/01/2008 09:41

Very sad for her children.

pyjamagirl · 04/01/2008 09:42
jenk1 · 04/01/2008 09:43

i feel so sorry for her, wasnt her mum about to release a no holds barred book all about bringing up 2 famous children and then her sister got pregnant and the book has been put on hold, where are her parents to help her?

OP posts:
wessexgirl · 04/01/2008 09:45

When are all the people who fell over each other to make a buck out of her talent going to lift a finger to help this poor woman? I feel so sad for her and her kids; I really hope she gets some proper help soon .

noddyholder · 04/01/2008 09:46

She really needs someone to intervene and really help her but in that business god knows who she can trust

ToomanynewyearsROSElutions · 04/01/2008 09:46

dya know what i think he's just as bad..what would make the pres swarm round, that little bit extra?...erm...suggest he 'thinks' she may be drunk/drugged?...theyre preying on her waiting for it to happen...dont particulary like the girl, but i think theres always more than meets the eye!..why on earth is she sat smiling at ambulance crew?..shes not thrashing about trying to get to her children/hitting people/doesnt look crazed!...think shes a very big scape goat sometimes!..think he's a twat and if she isnt capable of looking after her boys, neither should he be..hes no means whiter than white!

ToomanynewyearsROSElutions · 04/01/2008 09:47

and wouldnt it have bene police cuffing her away if she had refused to let children go and was under suspocion of being drunk/drugged??

FioFio · 04/01/2008 09:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BettySpaghetti · 04/01/2008 09:49

According to GMTV this morning ( I know, I know....I turned the TV on and it just happened to be on...honest) she is also now dating one of the paparazzi who follow her every move

ToomanynewyearsROSElutions · 04/01/2008 09:49

no kiss and tell from him then eh??

lubyluby · 04/01/2008 09:49

i feel really sorry for her, everyone (including her fmaily) who wanted her when she was doing well and the golden girl have deserted her, her ex has taken the kids, and no doubt she is depressed who wouldn;t be in the same situation.

me federline is a user ona grand scale, he deserted soemoen who was pregannt with his child for britney and obviously saw a ticket to never haivng to work again, and probably the only reason he has wanted custody of his kids.

a parenting book by her mum!!!!! wtf!!! as if i would take any notice of what she would ahev to say about raising kids!

britney needs professional help and fast.

slayerette · 04/01/2008 09:50

I don't feel half as sorry for her as I do for those poor poor children.

psychomum5 · 04/01/2008 09:54

awful situation for everyone involved.

britney seemes to have been let down enormously by all those out there who were there when she was top of the charts and life was rosy. they have simply not been there to help rescue the unhappy britney hiding behind all this excess and drama.

thing is now, every and all crisis are turned into huge massive dramas by the media. what is the real truth any of us really know???

the only thing really true is that two little boys are losing the one person who should lay down her life for them as she is being treated poorly and not being given the right direction/example on how to be a mother.
(well, maybe she is and she is throwing it all away, but we will never know the whole truth here).

all in all......very sad

wannaBe · 04/01/2008 09:56

britney just reiterates every reason why it is so wrong for such young teens to enter into fame/fortune. When they're so young they don't have the maturity/life experience to deal with it, and before you know it they're into drugs/alcohol/god knows what else because suddenly coming into that much fame/money at 14/15/16 is impossible to handle at that age.

If Britney had become famous at 21, she might have had more of a chance.

sugar34plum · 04/01/2008 10:13

i feel so sorry for her.she needs some proper love/ friendship, not the parasites that seem to be clinging off her. As for ferdeline id love to slap his smug face.

He was a penniless no hoper who dumped his pregnant fiancee and didnt bother with their kids. hooked up with britney has spent her money like an open tap.Cheated on the girl countless times.

He turned her into the rollercoaster wreck she is now. And when she was at her weakest the snake struck and took her kids away.

Give me a month with her and i will have her respectable and clean and full of self dignity again.

lazarou · 04/01/2008 10:30

It's so sad and whenever you see pictures of her children they look confused and distressed. Where is Britneys useless mother? I feel sorry for Britney, she doeasn't deserve what is happening to her, nobody is looking out for her.

mustsleep · 04/01/2008 10:43

i agree i think that she is being vistimised by the media - she not getting any better cos they're not leaving her alone

they seem to have conveniently forgotton that they ate kfed when brit was pregnant cos he was out partying all the time and spending her money - ov now he's stopped cos he knows he will make more this way


Mum2b2BabyRoo · 04/01/2008 10:53

Poor old Britney. I also really believe that her life turned for the worse when she got involved with that no hoper Federline - I really think he is the main cause of all her troubles. Not that I am saying she is not to blame - cos I think she has been very weak in saying no. Also think she MUST be going through some sort of depression as what sort of person behaves like this?? What a very sad story and pity those poor little boys.

Tortington · 04/01/2008 10:55

shes just a car crash wouldnt uprise me if she was found dead from an overdose.


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Saturn74 · 04/01/2008 10:56

Poor little boys.

megglevache · 04/01/2008 11:09

Message withdrawn

ruty · 04/01/2008 13:46

so many people have made money out of her, not least the appalling Federline, and now they are all sitting back and watching her crash and burn. I feel desperately sorry for her and her children.

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