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a really nice story about refugee children in a school in America

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oilandwater · 26/12/2007 11:37

just thought I'd share...

OP posts:
paulaplumpbottom · 26/12/2007 21:48

I'm glad you shared that. I think there are so many people who think that the mixing of cultures don't work. I think they can and I think this wonderful school shows that it can.

Reallytired · 26/12/2007 22:06

Well there are lots of schools in the UK like this. I believe that there are lot of schools like that school in London, Slough, Hounslow, parts of Kent.

Even the article showed that there are real problems. It is understandable that very truamatised ayslum seeker might hide under a desk because of fear of bombing. A teacher cannot go under the desk to teach her if he/she has 30 other kids to teach!

I think that such a school needs a lot of funding.

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