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Boris Johnson sacked!

15 replies

tortoiseshell · 13/11/2004 23:44

Just saw this on BBC website!

OP posts:
mykidsmum · 14/11/2004 01:04

yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't stand the pompous twit!!!

hoxtonchick · 14/11/2004 08:15

private eye are going to have a field day

edam · 14/11/2004 08:22

wow. do you think this is because Wyatt's mother gave the game away?

hoxtonchick · 14/11/2004 08:28

hi edam . hope you had good hols.

sobernow · 14/11/2004 08:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoiseshell · 14/11/2004 08:57

Apparently he wasn't sacked because of the affair, but because he lied about it!!

OP posts:
Caligula · 14/11/2004 10:21

Funny how lying about an affair is serious enough to warrant being sacked, but repeating an odious slander about dead football fans, knowing that slander to be untrue, is not serious enough to be sacked for.

Says it all about the Tories really.

beansmum · 14/11/2004 10:45

I love Boris Johnson, I think he's a really intelligent man who talks a lot of sense most of the time, and he didn't deserve to be sacked. And I sort of agreed with some of that spectator article.

Caligula · 14/11/2004 10:55

I agreed with some of that spectator article too, but not the repeated lie about the Hillsborough victims.

ScummyMummy · 14/11/2004 10:56

lol sobernow. I know what you mean.

beansmum · 14/11/2004 11:01

no mention of it on his website yet
but comment on boriswatch

Uhu · 16/11/2004 20:36

If a woman looked like Boris Johnson,David Mellor or Robin Cook, do you think that she would be having love affairs with handsome men?

I don't think so, which just goes to show that there is still a long way to go before there is true equality of the sexes!

bunny2 · 16/11/2004 20:42

If lying is a sackable offence why isnt that revolting Blair man sacked for lying to the country about WMD - a far far graver offence than an affair.

mummytummy · 16/11/2004 20:42

I never read newspapers (I used to work for a firm of solicitors who dealt with one of the highest profile cases and the newspapers were printing a load of old tosh), and rarely watch the news (all doom and gloom), so I don't know what he has done, or what the Spectator article was, etc. I've only ever seen him on Have I Got News For You, and I thought he was lovely. Then again, I do fancy Archie the Inventor too!

Uhu · 16/11/2004 20:45

Lying is a prerequisite to being a politician so what's Howard's problem? Dimwit!

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