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Children accused of being witches. So very terrible.

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WinkyWinkola · 09/12/2007 20:08


OP posts:
slim22 · 09/12/2007 20:15

Same old story, poverty and poor education breeds neglect and abuse.
The reference to superstition is a coping mecanism in some traditional societies. Hideous as you said.
It's awfull, and it even happens close to home (Victoria Climbe, bless her soul)

lovecat · 10/12/2007 15:13

I read that yesterday and it made me cry. Those poor children. Those STUPID BASTARD parents (sorry to shout)!!

How can you believe such things of your own children? I'm sorry, but the poverty/ignorance thing doesn't wash with me - there's ignorance and then surely there's trusting your own common sense?

Oh, it makes me despair, it really does... I wish they'd provided a link to that poor bloke who's ended up taking in all those children. I'd make a donation... and to any organisation that can stop those ARSEHOLES calling themselves Christians who are makign money out of other people's stupidity and superstition.

Again, sorry to shout, but this kind of moronic cruelty makes me furious...

KittyLetteItSnow · 10/12/2007 15:24

My god, what the hell is up with these stupid people?

suedonim · 10/12/2007 16:25

I agree that this is hideous and cruel but before berating the parents I think you need to inform yourself about their backgrounds. Slim is so right in that the roots of this behaviour are poverty and ignorance and, I think, powerless-ness. The parents are as much victims as the children.

Until you've lived, like I do, in Nigeria, it's hard to imagine a society where people can actually believe such claptrap but when you have nothing else in which to inform what happens in your life, you grasp at straws. 'Common sense' to such people dictates that if you are sick, it's caused by a witch, because you've never heard of germs or bacteria or parasites.

Life is also cheap here. Most people believe in some sort of afterlife so dying isn't such a big deal. My dh's work involves him in H&S issues and it's a constant uphill battle to get anyone to take the messages on board because of this.

The influence of religion is massive. There's a huge new church just down the road from us, (with under-church parking )whose congregation is by invitation only. I find it hard to stomach such churches existing when people right outside have no shelter, no clothes and no hope and it's not surprising that, again as Slim says, they cope by turning to such fantasies as witchcraft.

mishymoo · 10/12/2007 16:30

Agree with what suedonim says. Unless you have lived in a third world country (I grew up in South Africa), it is very hard to comprehend that this goes on but it does! It is also very real to the "un-educated" people involved.

NappiesGaloriaInExcelsis · 10/12/2007 17:01

the pain on the face of the mother in the market place was tangible. as was that on the faces of the boys being offered to the crew just before that. most of the other children had resigned sadness in place of raw pain... no better imo.

lovecat · 10/12/2007 17:34

You're right, Sue/Mishy, I don't understand it and I can't/don't want to.

To believe someone when they tell you your own child is a witch?? How do you get to a place where someone has that kind of power over your thinking? Don't get me wrong, dd can be a pain in the proverbial, but if anyone from our church told me it was because she was a witch, I'd kick their arse out the door. It's beyond me, I'm afraid.

WinkyWinkola · 10/12/2007 18:38

It's so wicked. It's the pastors making oooodles of money from the parents seeking 'deliverance' for their children and themselves. How very very Christian.

It made me cry too, lovecat. Especially reading about the children hanging around their mother's house, probably bewildered and completely not understanding why they were rejected.

Stepping Stones Nigeria is the charity helping these poor children.

OP posts:
lovecat · 10/12/2007 19:56

Thanks Winky - I'll look them up and make a donation.

NappiesGaloriaInExcelsis · 10/12/2007 22:17

lovecat - "How do you get to a place where someone has that kind of power over your thinking? "

im guessing that you, me and most other people lucky enough to be born in the 'developed' world are supremely fortunate to find that we will never really understand what series of circs and pressures lead to such awful horrible thoughts. i should imagine that a lot of people in the world suffer unimaginable (esp by 'our' standards) hardships and pain, with nothing like the level of education, access to information, allocation of rights, assumption of basic human kindness, let alone basic human rights, healthcare, any kind of belief that an individuals destiny is anything to do with themselves and their own actions...

in such arenas, bad, cutthroat people will survive and flourish. and the weak and vulnerable will suffer the most.

ItsGrimUpNorth · 10/12/2007 22:33

That it's done in the name of Christianity is what gets to me.

I already give to Stepping Stones. Will give to the Nigeria section of their org.

NappiesGaloriaInExcelsis · 10/12/2007 22:38

i dont find the leaches riding on the tails of religion even remotely surprising tbh.

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