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British children orphaned on holiday to the Algarve

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WaynettaVonBlood · 23/10/2007 08:21

This is so so so terribly sad.

My heart goes out to those poor children

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IntergalacticWarlock · 23/10/2007 08:22

I saw this this morning. It made me cry. What a terrible thing to happen. I hope their fmaily can get to them asap, they must feel so alone

NorthernLurker · 23/10/2007 11:38


lucykate · 23/10/2007 12:02

it is an awful tragedy

we have been to portugal at this time of year on our honeymoon and drove to sagres. the day we were there the sea was really rough, and it gets quite windy as that end of the algarve is very exposed. i can see how something that, one minute looks like fun, can quickly turn so dangerous.

Hulababy · 23/10/2007 15:06

Tragic news

FranSanDisco · 23/10/2007 15:24


GrapefruitMoon · 23/10/2007 15:34

This reminded me of a similar tragedy that happened last year in a place we had gone to on holidays several times in Ireland. I have always been very cautious about letting the children swim there (because I know there are dangerous currents). Two men drowned the day after we left when they went in to rescue a couple who had got into difficulties. Again, there were no lifeguards on duty as the summer season had just ended. The men who drowned were good swimmers and one had young children The seas were very rough (had been a storm the night before we left)....

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