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I don't want to drink UHT milk

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tortoiseSHELL · 15/10/2007 13:10

Watching the 1oclock news, they are suggesting the govt want people to drink UHT milk - bleurgh!!!!!

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CovenOVeneer · 15/10/2007 13:11


tortoiseSHELL · 15/10/2007 13:12

More environmental apparently - the refrigeration of fresh milk is increasing the carbon footprint of production.

I can't stand UHT milk!!!

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DrNortherner · 15/10/2007 13:14

I can drink it in tea but not on cereal, yuk.

RGPargy · 15/10/2007 13:16

UHT milk is evil!!!!! YUK!

FrankAwenstein · 15/10/2007 13:25

what about the cost of heating milk to uht standards? Also will still use fridge for yoghurt etc. Load of bollox.

goingfor3 · 15/10/2007 13:29

There are so many things that have to be refridgerated I don't see it having much impact. UHT is uck!

tortoiseSHELL · 15/10/2007 13:32

It's disgusting isn't it! Nothing like fresh milk!

OP posts:
bossybritches · 15/10/2007 14:03

OKaaaaaaaaaaayy... so if we all start drinking UHT milk the theory is we don't need fridges??? And we'll all stop buying them & that'll REALLY help the carbon footprint?

So what sad twat thought of that one? Some single dines-out-on-expenses-every night beaurocrat who obviously thinks that's all we need a fridge for?!!


suedonim · 15/10/2007 14:04

Some of us don't have much choice. Fresh milk is rarely available in Nigeria so we have UHT. I can bear it in coffee and porridge but that's about all. Dd won't touch it. We lurrrrve going home and getting a huge container of organic milk to have on cornflakes!

FlameBat · 15/10/2007 14:09

Yeah, ok then...

FIL always used to have UHT, took me ages to work out why the tea tasted foul. Stopped drinking it there, then he got a new girlfriend (now wife) and she bought MILK

He did look a bit baffled as to how I could suddenly like gallons of tea

CovenOVeneer · 15/10/2007 14:19

Bossybritches I think it is the shop refrigeration and transport refridgeration they are talking about, and anyway once UHT is opened it still needs to be refridgerated.

tortoiseSHELL · 15/10/2007 14:21

I'd rather every street was issued with their own cow tbh, I will even volunteer to get up and MILK the thing, rather than drink UHT!!!

OP posts:
PigeonPie · 15/10/2007 14:31

Well, if they didn't refrigerate stuff that didn't need it, like that awful SunnyD, then maybe there'd be room for the stuff that did need it!

fluffyanimal · 15/10/2007 14:40

Oh dear. They want to turn us into France where UHT milk is the accepted norm, even though fresh is available.

AttilaTheMeerkat · 15/10/2007 14:45

UHT milk makes me want to hurl!!.

Egg · 15/10/2007 14:49

We just came back from Portugal and never saw fresh milk there once... Was surprised it was only UHT in hotel, but then went to supermarket to stock up on fresh as DS was not impressed with hotel milk, and they had about 6 different UHT brands but no fresh whatsoever.

I don't mind it, but then I drink skimmed milk anyway that has no flavour. Sometimes I have DS's lovely fresh whole milk and it is like drinking cream. Mmmmmmmm.

puffling · 15/10/2007 23:03

It's foul.

colditz · 15/10/2007 23:06

I like it. And sterilised milk.

Surely it doesn't hacve the same vitamin content as fresh?

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