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Victoria Beckham at The Ritz, Paris on day of Diana enquiry.....

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robin3 · 09/10/2007 13:56

In the Metro this morning a picture of Victoria Beckham coming out of The Ritz in Paris yesterday with a little black shift dress and her hair just like Dianas. Even the journalists were suggesting it was a pathetic media stunt.
Usually I think she's ok and she and her family should be left alone but surely she couldn't have been oblivious.
Apparently the whole place is beseiged by media at the moment.
Can't find article in paper on-line.

OP posts:
claricebeansmum · 09/10/2007 13:57

How low can she go?

SmartArseCoveredinCobwebs · 09/10/2007 13:58

I didn't realise it was Posh at first, and thought it must be an "actress" doing a reconstruction! I agree, massive "look at me" moment.

NAB3 · 09/10/2007 13:58

She hasn't got her hair like Diana's. She often has it like that.

Carmenere · 09/10/2007 13:58


robin3 · 09/10/2007 14:00

Agree..she does wear her hair a bit like Dianas anyway at the moment so I take that back.

OP posts:
SmartArseCoveredinCobwebs · 09/10/2007 14:05

Oh sorry, I didn't mean that she deliberately looked like Diana - it's just that I'm getting very short-sighted in my old age and she has that "look". But I do think it's a massive coincidence that whe happened to be there.

NappyChange · 09/10/2007 14:16

She is on a shoot for Elle magazine in Paris, hence staying in the Ritz. And yes, there are many, many other hotels in Paris she COULD stay in but it will save the paps having to run between her hotel and the Diana Trial hotel if she stays there. Media Savvy? Bad Taste? Possibly.

Charlee · 09/10/2007 14:21

I think it's over reacting, the woman is satyong at a hotel in paris, just because Diana (whom i liked very much) stayed there doesn't mean no one else should, many women have similar hair styles and the Little black dress is in alot of womens wardrobes.

PoshCod · 09/10/2007 14:22

HOW DARE SHE STAY int he SAME hotel as a owman did 10) YEARS AGO

diana the peopeles princess

cardy · 09/10/2007 14:24

I think she knew she'd get good media coverage, lots of press about etc..

She is desperate....

PoshCod · 09/10/2007 14:25

how very dare she defile the memory oof saint diana

DarrellRivers · 09/10/2007 14:25

she should stay in the travelodge

Charlee · 09/10/2007 14:26

I eouldn't say she is particuraly desperate, she has enough media attention as it is without pulling ridiculous stunts tbh, shes married to David Beckham and was a member of a sucessfull girl group!

TwigorTreat · 09/10/2007 14:26

why the farkin hell would the media be covering the Ritz in Paris though .. would they not be at the enquiry

oooo I know let us make up a story and make out liek anyone gives a toss

PoshCod · 09/10/2007 14:27

haev you heard of the term "truthiness"

PoshCod · 09/10/2007 14:27

oliveoil · 09/10/2007 14:28

the jury are in paris to look at the tunnel etc

don't ask me why this will help them in this stupid inquest

NappyChange · 09/10/2007 14:29

The jury on the Diana & Dodi trial visited the Ritz today/yesterday (not sure) to "trace her last steps". Also, press will do their reports from outside the Ritz as that is where the the last pics of her alive were taken. I guess if they could squeeze themselves and their cameras into the tunnel without risk of being flattened they'd set up camp there too.

FioFio · 09/10/2007 14:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SmartArseCoveredinCobwebs · 09/10/2007 14:42

Cod, you always cheer me up! (Having a miserable day, birthday, nearly 40, got soaking wet on my bike into work, no pressie from DH, dropped pot of yoghurt on kitchen floor first thing, etc. etc.)

whiskeyandbeer · 09/10/2007 15:53

wow do you think this could be a trend for current celebs to stay at hotels where other pointless celebs have stayed decades before?
in fairness how many other famous people do you think have stayed there? it's a famous hotel in paris, it's not like she went and stayed in some remmmote log cabin that diana used to spend her childhood holidays in and no one else ever visited.

Codsycophant3 · 09/10/2007 16:11

pmsl Cod xx


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PoshCod · 09/10/2007 16:15

oh how sweet

xx bakcathca

nospeak · 09/10/2007 16:17


Emprexia · 12/10/2007 13:51

Mm.. because Victoria Beckham should leave through the back entrance of a Hotel she is staying in just because a Jury is retracing Diana's steps.

If they didn't want anyone to walk through the "crime scene" they should have locked the hotel doors.

I'm not a "Posh" fan, but i think the hoo-haa over her walking out the front door of the Ritz is ridiculous.

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