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Very disturbing story...

19 replies

TheArmadillo · 07/09/2007 21:02

HOw can people in this day and age still get away with this

It beggars belief that noone notices these things until the kids die.

He was in care for months - then they handed him back. Were there not regular check ups.

HOw could this have been missed.

Poor poor child.

OP posts:
Tottie32 · 07/09/2007 21:03

truly devastating

kitsandbits · 07/09/2007 21:04

That made me feel physically sick,


coleyboy · 07/09/2007 21:05

Beyond belief. I just do not know how this sort of thing still happens

mustrunmore · 07/09/2007 21:06

We all know things like this do happen,but its horrible. Too horrible to contemplate.

LittleBella · 07/09/2007 21:07

I wonder why this child wasn't with his mother

TheArmadillo · 07/09/2007 21:14

could be a million reasons, but surprised she isn't really mentioned in the articles. Usually they seem to hound all involved including the absent parents.

OP posts:
TheArmadillo · 07/09/2007 21:16

according to this his mother was being treated for a serious personality disorder.

How's she gonna cope with this?

OP posts:
WestCountryLass · 07/09/2007 23:08

There's something wrong in this world when someone gets 9 years for taking a cricket bat to a baby.

WTF is wrong with people????? I feel more and more outraged that no one notices, no one does anything, defenceless little mites are beaten black and blue and no one does anything until they have to i.e. when that poor childs suffering has killed him.

Sorry, had to vent, as this one has had me in tears

StealthPolarBear · 07/09/2007 23:13

WCL - that's exactly what we were saying earlier - 9 years seems like an insult

WestCountryLass · 07/09/2007 23:14

It's a disgrace

prettymum · 07/09/2007 23:17

just seen it on the news awell, its so horrible!! how can anone do such thigsto a little helpless child!

Jackstini · 07/09/2007 23:22

Poor poor baby - what a way to die and how tragic his little life was leading up to it
9 years jail is an insult - dh would say give them the same treatment they gave the baby, and at times like this I am inclined to agree with him

Scotia · 08/09/2007 14:24

Nine years is not enough. How cheaply a baby's life is regarded.

andiem · 08/09/2007 17:31

I agree nine years is too short a time but the sentances in these cases are always laughable. I looked after a 6 week old who had face, skull and arm fractures the father got 6 years

flightattendant · 08/09/2007 17:37

Poor, poor little love. I thank God that something finally ended his suffering.
I like to think I am liberal when it comes to justice but that makes me feel murderous towards the parents.

evenhope · 08/09/2007 17:40

This is so horrible. How come these people never get stopped? Do they not have neighbours, grandparents or someone else to notice the injuries?

Also that seeing different doctors meant the abuse wasn't noticed.. surely the doctors can read notes?

Janos · 08/09/2007 17:40

I really hope this pair suffer horribly, every single day they are in jail. A crime of that nature is unforgivable and IMO they deserve it.

That poor little boy.

TheArmadillo · 08/09/2007 18:30

yeah I'm wondering about his medical notes. Surely incidents would have been noted on them adn whoever treated them would have noticed he had been treated before.

Also aren't HVs notified if you make a trip to A&E?

OP posts:
UCM · 08/09/2007 18:32

I am not going to look at the links cos it will make me cry, but I saw this on the news yesterday and cried and can't believe that there are people in this world that would commit such madness.

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