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Following on from the OK Jordan FF saga...

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kerala · 05/09/2007 13:17

Whilst glancing through Now! magazine at the hairdressers (showing myself up here I know!) I couldnt help but notice a page entitled "celebrities they're just like us". Underneath this was the headline "they bottle feed their babies". There was a pic of a US actress bottlefeeding her LO.

Sigh....obviously up to people to choose how to feed their babies and dont want to enter into that debate but abit fed up with the "bottle feeding is the normal thing to do" climate the media seems to be perpetrating at the moment.

OP posts:
pooka · 05/09/2007 13:27

Seems like a pretty pointless statement if you ask me. They could very easily have had
"they pick their nose"
"they can read"
"they breathe"
"they breastfeed".

Really don't understand what Now! (how crap having an exclamation mark in the title) are getting at...

flowerybeanbag · 05/09/2007 13:28

How bizarre

2shoes · 05/09/2007 15:19

it could be expressed milk.

Reallytired · 07/09/2007 20:15

I expect that Jordon has little choice but to bottlefeed. Quite often women who have had plastic surgery to their breasts are unable to breastfeed.

TheDuchess · 07/09/2007 20:22

well, a couple of weeks ago I listened to the breakfast show on radio 1. You know, the awful show with the tedious, sexist Chris Moyles. There was a whole segment where new father Dave (the sidekick) and the celebrity guest (I forget who) chatted knowledgeably and positively about breastfeeding, expressing and such like. It was great!

Olihan · 07/09/2007 20:24

RT, without starting the whole thing up again, jordan was quoted as saying something along the lines of 'My boobs are only for Pete', it wasn't a medically enforced decision.

Kerala, it's not surprising that bf numbers are so low when it's portrayed as something unusual. I've seen the odd 'of course I'll be bfing, it's best for baby' comment by pg celebrities, then the staged 'I'm bfing my baby, look how glamorous I am' type photoshoot but there's nothing that makes bf seem 'normal', rather than exceptional.

TemporarilyJV · 07/09/2007 20:35

Surely, by saying; "celebrities are just like us, they bottle feed their babies" what they mean is "celebrities are just like us, they are not perfect"?

IMO the only belief being perpetuated there is that bottle feeding = imperfection.

Which is fair enough, we all know that breast feeding is the ideal way of feeding a baby.

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