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Ok I think it is inconsiderate to put feet on seats, but this is a 'step' too far

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handlemecarefully · 05/09/2007 11:15

Can you believe that this actually went to court?

At least when it got there it was dealt with appropriately

OP posts:
lojomojo · 05/09/2007 20:47

There but for the grace of god go all of us at one time or the other!

Donk · 05/09/2007 20:50

It does 'feel' wrong that this went to court - but just how are the train and bus companies meant to keep our shoes on the floor and the seats clean? (genuine question)

startouchedtrinity · 05/09/2007 20:58

Fixed penalty system. Few students, or anyone else, can afford a £100 fine. I am really glad she will be able to carry on working with SN children and go on to teach.

directline · 05/09/2007 20:59

I was on a train recently and a young lad of about 18yrs when he had his feet on a seat. The gaurd made him get off at the next train station - the lad was not best pleased! And threatened to report the guard.

startouchedtrinity · 05/09/2007 21:02

And when he's 35 he'll want to help out at his kids' school, and if he has a criminal record and it shows up on his CRB search he won't be able to. Chucking him off the train quite right IMO.

Donk · 05/09/2007 21:04

FWIW - she would almost certainly have been able to work with kids and teach. The CRB check just shows up convictions - providing you have been honest and declared the conviction, and convinced the school (or other employer)that it has no bearing on your ability to do the job and be safe around kids, then its not a problem - I know several people who work in jobs which require enhanced CRB disclosure and have have convictions for minor offences (mostly related to peace protests)

Donk · 05/09/2007 21:05

But I'm not arguing that it should have gone to court - I think throwing them off the train (not literally) is a much more appropriate sanction.

LittleBella · 05/09/2007 21:10

I was very disturbed when I heard about this case.

It seems to me that they went for an easy target. When it comes to real anti-social behaviour, no-one has the balls to stand up to thugs. But a student forgetting her manners? Throw the book at her. Hmmmm...

startouchedtrinity · 05/09/2007 21:15

Do you think so, Donk?I heard of a case where a spent offense for shoplifting stopped a woman from teaching. Either way it would have been terrible to put this girl through that worry and maybe she wouldn't even have tried to get a teaching position.

I agree, LittleBella, I should think the guard or whoever he was felt very big for dealing with such a threat to society.

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