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FGS when will they learn? Guns aren't toys.

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saggarmakersbottomknocker · 22/08/2007 20:13

Girl, 3 shot by sister

This is almost 1 year to the day that dd's friend was killed by an air rifle.

I hope she survives.

OP posts:
octoandflash · 22/08/2007 20:15
southeastastra · 22/08/2007 20:22

god that's awful.

shocked about your dd's friend that's so tragic

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 22/08/2007 20:34

How sad. I hope the 6yo isn't made to feel responsible for this - that lies with the idiot who left the gun in her house.

I'd also be surprised if she could load it herself. Pellets are quite fiddly and it should have a safety catch as well. My own air-gun is also incredibly hard to load, I have to break it over my thigh - no way would my DD be strong enough to do it. But then it's locked in the gun cupboard anyway.

saggarmakersbottomknocker · 22/08/2007 20:43

The boy who shot dd's friend went to court accused of manslaughter. They were 12.
He was found not guilty. The owner of the gun who was the father of a third boy wasn't charged AFAIK.

I would have thought it must have been loaded already in this case.

OP posts:
Reallytired · 22/08/2007 21:12

I think this is definately a case that the person who owned the gun was responsible for the accident. The adults who were looking after these children should be facing criminal charges.

unknownrebelbang · 22/08/2007 21:18

Frightening, on so many levels.

(and not far from me, not that that's relevant).

saggarmakersbottomknocker · 22/08/2007 22:22

Just made me feel so sick rebel - especially after 'nursing' dd through a difficult weekend. I thought 'God, not again!'

OP posts:
Leander · 22/08/2007 22:30

Its just been on the news that an 11 yo boy has been shot dead whilst playing foot ball, this happened in an area I went to school .What is the world coming too

unknownrebelbang · 22/08/2007 22:43

Yes, it must have brought back terrible memories for your DD Saggars.

Side topic, I work with a woman who knows the lad who fired the shot. (Didn't know her at the time iykwim).

How is DD?

saggarmakersbottomknocker · 22/08/2007 22:46

She's OK rebel, thanks.

Small world isn't it?

OP posts:
unknownrebelbang · 22/08/2007 22:47

Certainly is!

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