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Foot and Mouth Outbreak

87 replies

Chipstick · 03/08/2007 21:41

Not again

Breaking news on News24 - its in Surrey

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 03/08/2007 21:41


choosyfloosy · 03/08/2007 21:41

OMG. No.

SlightlyMadSpider · 03/08/2007 21:42
jofeb04 · 03/08/2007 21:51

Oh no

expatinscotland · 03/08/2007 21:52

Oh shit!

startouchedtrinity · 03/08/2007 21:54

It's shocking. Let's hope that some lessons have been learned from last time.

edam · 03/08/2007 21:55

Oh Good God, let's hope they've got the restrictions in place fast enough this time.

hotcrossbunny · 03/08/2007 21:58

Dh shouted through foot and mouth had been found again. When he said Normandy I thought he meant as in France not a few miles down the road from us in Surrey. Oh no. Not again...

fransmom · 03/08/2007 21:59

oh gawd

QueenofBleach · 03/08/2007 22:19

Oh Fuck and no apologies for swearing, here we go again,

a farmers daughter

BadKreacher · 03/08/2007 22:31

I can't believe its happening again. I really really hope the government learned their lessons from last time. The floods recently did remind me of 2001 - the last outbreak, I wonder if the virus thrives more under these weather conditions?

CarGirl · 03/08/2007 22:33

Oh no - that's near us and dh (and I!) work for the vet labs so we'll be snowed under, lots of projects will get dropped etc - it's going to be chaos - we're still sorting out the admin from last time!

expatinscotland · 03/08/2007 22:36

I fucking bleat on like a bloody Cassandra about how it comes home to roost when you put your nation's food producers out of business.

I even told my own mother that.

I told her if you love me and you love your grandchildren you'll support your nation's food producers.

You'll go to bat for them.

If you don't then don't tell me, because I will and whatever fallout from that I'll gladly take.

Now more than ever, people, PLEASE put your weight behind Britain's food producers.

This is your last chance! It's not too late!

You're all mums, you've got a legacy to leave. Are not our children British?

Please, please, please lobby our government to support our farmers!

expatinscotland · 03/08/2007 22:36

I've just dashed off a letter to our MP.

lankyesme · 03/08/2007 22:43

Just seen the news. Fuck.

Leati · 03/08/2007 22:54

There is a vaccine for it so perhaps if other farmers/ranchers vaccinate now they can prevent it from spreading.

saltire · 03/08/2007 22:55

I hope they handle it better this time around. Last time was awful. We were living near Cambridge a the time and travelled up to SW Scotland for a wedding. I shall never ever forget the sight (or smell)of farms burning all along th A66, and up the A7, and across Dumfriesshire, many of the farms were places I know, and knew the farmers. It is something that wil stay with me. Also the sight of our friend, a big 6ft 5 man crying because his farm bordered a farm that had foot and mouth and he was going to lose ALL his cattle and ALL his sheep.

WendyWeber · 03/08/2007 23:57

I just saw this myself and am and

Last time it hit very hard round here. The fields were empty. They have gradually refilled and the country is a lovely sight again - please god let this be a one-off and contained.

Very very scary.

suedonim · 04/08/2007 00:18

We drove from Scotland to Kent during the last outbreak and the sight and smell all down the M74/M6 was dreadful. We're off down south again next week, I truly hope there will be no repeat scenes. At least they've put a total ban on movement this time.

Eve · 04/08/2007 02:40

....quote on the news tonight was that this comnined with the weather will be mean agriculture has had a very bad year...or a disastrous year.

alipiggie · 04/08/2007 02:43

Leati the government won't support the vaccination of animals in the UK, stupid stupid stupid. So here we are again. I remember the smell from driving down the M74/M6 last time too. It's a horrible thing. Healthy animals to be slaughtered when in reality it could have been prevented. The Dutch and most of mainland Europe vaccinate against Foot and Mouth. But hey the Government over in the UK knows best. Sorry guys, having a really bad night and seeing this news flash when I came home brought so many sad memories flooding back

Leati · 04/08/2007 05:14


Isn't there anything that can be done, if the general public feels that the animals should be vaccinated. I think it is terribly sad to think of all these animals dying for no good reason; not to mention the economical impact this has for the ranchers and the country.

I read an article that the last time the US had an outbreak was in 1929, but that if it were to happen that it could cost Billions of dollars. That is to much of a burden for ranchers and farmers; or even the general public to carry. It seems that vaccination could prevent so much loss.


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alipiggie · 04/08/2007 05:19

It'll be all to do with cost Leati - the Government will no doubt think that it costs too much and therefore won't fund it and I'm sure most farmers won't be able to fund it either. . I do wonder how it manages to keep re-occuring over and over again. How's life in CA? Very hot and muggy in CO todaya

Callisto · 04/08/2007 08:46

Expat - I am completely with you on this.

MegaLegs · 04/08/2007 08:49

What makes me go is the way the nations' media has desceneded on the bloody place. FFS it's an exclusion zone, stay away!!

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