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What is your view of the Reform Treaty (i.e. the new EU contitution)

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eleusis · 24/07/2007 08:23

Europe's view of the Reform Treaty


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Callisto · 24/07/2007 08:50

I think that Gordon Brown is lying about the true nature of the treaty but you would need to be a lawyer (and then some) to actually understand it by all accounts. It doesn't suprise me that the nations who have benefited most from European membership (Belgium and Ireland here) are the most in favour.

Personally I would be very wary of reliquishing yet more national autonomy to Europe.

eleusis · 24/07/2007 09:06

Yes, I was living in Ireland whenthe Nice Treaty was rejected by the Irish people. It was regarded as such a loud and clear slap in the face that it was lmost comical. I mean we would rive around Ireland and see road construction signs everywhere which said "funded by the EU" or something similar. And, then reject the treaty. Poor Bertie was having a bad day.

I definately think the British people should have a vote. And, if they don't, I wonder how that will impact Gordon's general election results. And, oh, how long does he have to call a general election???

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Callisto · 24/07/2007 13:01

GB has the rest of the 4 year term that TB started. Can't remember how long that is, but I think he has to call an election soonish just to show that he is a leader in his own right. I think the Treaty will have a huge impact on his term in office, especially if he is seen to be reneging on TB's 'promise' of a referendum.

theman · 24/07/2007 14:08

we pretty much weren't allowed say no to the niece was rejected so they just put it up for a vote again. i have no doubt this would have continued until we accepted it.

eleusis · 24/07/2007 15:17

That was rediculous. Don't like the outcome, okay we'll just vote again then.

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