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Just seen a magazine with that Mylene Klass on the front doing the pregnant Demi Moore pose

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krazykoolkazza · 15/07/2007 00:07

Whist shopping this magazine (can't remember which one it was) with heavily pregnant Mylene caught my eye.

Oh please, why bother!

Frankly it's all been done before by numerous celebreties on lists ranging from A to Z and let's face it, as pretty as Mylene is, the fact that she's pregnant is hardly a big deal for anyone, other than her and her partner, naturally.

Why do people like her feel the need to reveal and push their pregnant stomachs in others' faces? They do it when induced to do so by the money on offer I suppose. I wonder why they don't just decline when approached on the basis that it's totally naff and cliched and on the assumption that people don't want/need to see it?

OP posts:
MotherFunk · 15/07/2007 01:39

Message withdrawn

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo · 15/07/2007 01:53

Demi Moore photo was good because it was original, I saw the magazine whilst shopping today and the only thing I could thought was, who the f is that woman doing a Demi Moore? Senseless, overused cliche, nothing creative on it, can't understand why it was displayed on the front cover.

nappyaddict · 15/07/2007 02:12

i'd do it if someone was gona pay me tbh!

Amaris · 15/07/2007 08:20

I liked Myleene after I'm a Celebrity but the I saw her on BBC2 (Working Lunch maybe?) doing a piece about how they should withdraw translation and interpretation services from public authorities otherwise people learn English and now suddenly everything she does irritates me.... And she seems to be everywhere too.

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