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did anyoen hear what Alan JOhnstons's dad said - SO touching

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Dogsby · 04/07/2007 13:30

int eh tv interview( wiht he man behind dodging aorund comiclaly with the brolly)

""He is going to cringe when he realises all the pictures and stuff up all over the place, he's really going to cringe at that, he's pretty self-effacing sort of lad." "

tehn he said ( afetr being asked if they were proud)

"yes, yes he's a good lad"


so so touching

OP posts:
chevre · 04/07/2007 13:31

v. sweet. wish he would let his wife get a word in though.

donnie · 04/07/2007 13:33

yes, I rather liked the umbrella man lurking in the background too!

Dogsby · 04/07/2007 13:44

i think tis so wonderfulyl understated
mybe hte wife is shy

he looks liek his mum

OP posts:
southeastastra · 04/07/2007 13:45

he kept talking over his wife this morning, though the reporters just kept asking questions when his dad was still answering others.

RubySlippers · 04/07/2007 13:45

yes - also told a moving story earlier about the day his son was born

they are the epitome of grace and kindness

BBBleedingGumsMurphy · 04/07/2007 13:46

did you hear Alan Johnstpon saying about getting a radio and hearing the world service messages for him from tery waite and john mcarthy - that had me all emtional over the packed lunches this am.

saadia · 04/07/2007 13:47

aahhh sweet.

Dogsby · 04/07/2007 13:47

oh missed the day he was born story.

oh sweet

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 04/07/2007 13:49

I don't think there's much to read into that - I reckon you probably decide which one of you will answer questions. Have seen indepth interviews where she has spoken.

Thought they were fantastic throughout the whole ordeal - brought tears to my eyes on the news this morning. The fact that both of them were so smiley and happy and so obviously proud of their boy .

oliveoil · 04/07/2007 13:49

I was so pleased this morning when I saw this

I went downstairs at 6.30am for my cup of tea (in peace, before anyone gets up) and I saw it on Sky News

ran up and woke dh up and told him, but he was a bit bleary and didn't seem interested

rey · 04/07/2007 13:53

It is good, how something so awful like this, that we have all felt, has reached a happy ending. What they must have gone through - but for a happy ending that is WONDERFUL. I went up to tell my husband too, and the good news was the first thing we all talked about in the playground this morning.

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