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kerry katona

51 replies

jenk1 · 17/06/2007 19:54

at this story. .shtml

how can she deny this one?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 17/06/2007 19:56

I can't believe she was ever voted mum of the year!

FioFio · 17/06/2007 20:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam · 17/06/2007 20:01

I wouldn't believe anything the News of the Screws printed, to be honest.

lemonaid · 17/06/2007 20:02

How can you deny a story that your husband's ex-girlfriend, who's had a big falling out with you, is paid for telling to a newspaper?

I don't have the world's greatest imagination, but I can think of a few approaches to denying it...

Meansleeves · 17/06/2007 20:02

they're all a bunch of alley cats. Yuck to the lot of them.

FioFio · 17/06/2007 20:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Kewcumber · 17/06/2007 20:04

but if its in the newspaper WWB - it MUSt be true

I see the "friend" has a 4 yr old child with KK's new husband - so no history there then...

Kewcumber · 17/06/2007 20:05

and I see concerned friend didn;t go to social services but NOTW.

LIZS · 17/06/2007 20:06

"Louise, who has a four-year-old daughter by Kerry's new husband Mark," no agenda herself then ?

lulumama · 17/06/2007 20:07

took the words out of my mouth Kewcucumber

she was so concerned, she waited months to sell her story , rather than contact someone who could help

what;s the betting her comeback is that this girl snorted and drank with her and was just as bad, if not worse??

TaylorsMummy · 17/06/2007 20:08

omg,she's disgusting

TaylorsMummy · 17/06/2007 20:09

that's the friend and Kerry btw!! and Mark for that matter!! they are all pretty scabby imo

BassMama · 17/06/2007 20:11

I feel very sorry for Kerry - her mother and countless friends - now including her husbands daughters mother - have gone behind her back to the papers with 'stories'. Poor girl.

It is very, very hard to stop doing drink and drugs if you are a user, and if this story has any truth, then she is obviously an addict, and therefore should be getting help rather than criticism.

I am a user, but not an addict, and I stopped completely when I was pregnant. No alcohol, No cigarettes, no drugs. It was so hard but I did it for my baby. I think most people would, but addicts would find this very difficult.

Surely, if this was true, one of her real friends would have done something.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

bookwormmum · 17/06/2007 20:24

Kerry obviously needs help - and a new friend! Personally I wouldn't give this parasite house-room. How could you either live with your xp and his new wife plus forthcoming new baby or let your dh's xp (and child) live in your house no matter how amicable things may be between them all???! Shows what a screwed up world Ms Katona lives in.

A true friend would have stopped her - by force if necessary - and alerted social services/Kerry's gp.

Judy1234 · 17/06/2007 20:31

The problem is that addiction is an illness. Not everyone actually can stop themselves.

LaDiDaDi · 17/06/2007 20:31

"Louise, who has a four-year-old daughter by Kerry's new husband Mark, rekindled her friendship with the star last year and later agreed to move in to help with the new baby."

LaDiDaDi · 17/06/2007 20:32

Oops, see that my point was made a few posts ago.

krazykoolkazza · 17/06/2007 20:50

Newspapers are one thing but judging by interviews I've seen with KK speaking up for herself, I've always found her to be a foul mouthed attention seeker.

IMHO the world would be a better place without her and her kind.

I also agree that the "friend" should have raised her concerns about KK's fitness as a mother with Social Services rather than the NOTW - speaks volumes about her I'd say.

FioFio · 17/06/2007 20:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

LynetteScavo · 17/06/2007 21:06

How can she deny this one?
Well it's 'reported' in NOTW, that's how. If she is indeed an addict, I really feel for her and her children, and hope she gets the help she needs soon.

akaJamiesMum · 17/06/2007 21:09

NOTW - scummy paper with no real news - just sensationalist crap. I wouldn't believe anything I read there.

chocciedooby · 17/06/2007 21:12

lol Fiofio.


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jenk1 · 17/06/2007 21:16

when i said how can she deny this one, i meant that so many "friends" and even her own mother have spoke about her drug addictions and she denied it then she said a few months ago that she had taken drugs.
so if she does deny this story, people wont believe her, i too think that this "friend" ex of her husband is a woman scorned.

OP posts:
chocciedooby · 17/06/2007 21:18

Well it will be interesting to see how she reacts to this news article. tnotw have left themselves wide open to being sued, haven't they?!

jenk1 · 17/06/2007 21:22

yes i agree they have, they are probably not bothered though.

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