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Single Equality Bill - Right to breastfeed. Is there already a thread on this?

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SpawnChorus · 15/06/2007 16:44

Hmm I'm a bit behind the times with the news at the mo so this ahs probably already been discussed.

Just read that the Single Equality Bill will give mothers the legal right to breastfeed 'discreetly' in a public place. It specifies babies up to one year.

WTF is that all about??!! I know it's better than nothing, but tbh breastfeeding younger babies rarely seems to elicit hostility from strangers. You're more likely to get negativity when BFing a toddler imo.

DS is now 10 months old and I intend to continue BFing for at least another year. Why on earth will my son and I not be protected by this bill?

And what is meant by 'discreetly'? God when DS was a newborn he snorted, hooted and spluttered while feeding. There was no hiding the fact that I was BFing. And now he likes to bob on and off to grin at passing old ladies as milk jets forth. Hardly discreet.

I'm so surprised by this. Is the right to BF in Scotland similarly qualified?

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SpawnChorus · 15/06/2007 17:24


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SpawnChorus · 15/06/2007 21:23

Hmmmm the deafening silence suggests that either a) no one on Mumsnet is interested (unlikely) or that b) this is already being discussed on another thread. I'll go hunting

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