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Caution: soft drinks may seriously harm your health

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GiantSquirrelSpotter · 27/05/2007 18:08

Anyone for a glass of wine?

report from the Independent

OP posts:
NuttyMuffins · 27/05/2007 18:09

How weird, just aswell we don't drink fizzy pop.

lljkk · 27/05/2007 18:29

Sodium benzoate is in Squash, too! Not sure about Ribena or other "juice drinks", but suspect it's in lots of that kind of stuff.

mylittlefreya · 27/05/2007 18:37

This is my one weakness! Eek!

kinki · 27/05/2007 18:56

My ds has an intolerance to sodium benzoate (E211). It makes him extremely hyperactive amongst other things.

Don't despair, there are drinks out there without E211! The coca-cola group of drinks, including all the tangos, don't have it (I think coke used to, but not in the last couple of years. Nor do a lot of robinson's squashes. Got a feeling ribena doesn't either. If you don't want E211, ones to avoid are the pepsi drinks, including all fantas, most diet squashes and most long-life fruit juices. It IS possible to still get your fix!

juicychops · 27/05/2007 19:15

it doesn't say in the ingredients that it is in Pepsi

juicychops · 27/05/2007 19:16

i mean just the normal one, not pepsi max or diet which i know both have even more crap i than the normal one

mylittleimps · 27/05/2007 19:55

why is it still a shock that food stuff /drinks with artifical additives/perservatives/chemicals/sweetners/flavours/colours (and non-organic foods because of what they are sprayed with) are bad for your NATURAL body?

You are what you eat and food is your body's fuel. It's not rocket science, vote with your feet it's the only way to change the producers and industry and stop the shops being filled full of the crap.

the least amount of additives/preservatives i think are found in the high juice squashes (tesco's, sainsbury) if you don't want organic

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