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Harry not going to Iraq

19 replies

sarahinphuket · 16/05/2007 17:18

Prince Harry will not deploy with his regiment to Iraq, the head of the Army said tonight.

General Sir Richard Dannatt said that he had taken the decision in the light of a number of "specific threats" to the Prince.

They would expose him and the troops with him to "a degree of risk that I now deem unacceptable," Sir Richard said in a statement.

OP posts:
Hulababy · 16/05/2007 17:19

I can understand why they are not sending him, even against his own wishes, if it is going to put our troops at even greater risk.

lou33 · 16/05/2007 17:20

i'm not surprised

LIZS · 16/05/2007 17:21

so what is he going to do instead, I wonder, apart from p*ss public money up the wall. surelyt he tax payer has been funding his military training potentially to fight ?

tbh I'm not sure insurgents will believe he isn't there anyway.

Pixiefish · 16/05/2007 17:22

There's other work he can do in the UK

Blandmum · 16/05/2007 17:24

If my dh were in the army I would be very relieved. Being in a troup led by PH would significantly increase the risk to all, for no good strategic reason.

LittleMouseWithCLogsOn · 16/05/2007 17:24

they are such a waste of time the fucking royals
what cna they do

Blandmum · 16/05/2007 17:25

wave, codders, they are damned good a waving.

mm22bys · 16/05/2007 17:26

I thought it was a crazy idea to even consider sending him there in the first place!

I've just checked Googlenews and there was nothing there about this - anyone have a link?

LIZS · 16/05/2007 17:28


LIZS · 16/05/2007 17:29

Have some sympathy with the views of Reg Keys at the bottom of that article

mm22bys · 16/05/2007 17:30

thanks, just wasn't on Google's front page, I've found heaps now....

onefootinthegravy · 16/05/2007 20:07

HOOBLOODYRAY!! I for one am more relieved than I can tell you. My DH deployed for Iraq on Sunday for 6 months and I can tell you DH & all his colleagues will be so glad he is not going. TBH I think it was a ridiculous idea in the first place, it is so obvious what a target he would be and a real trophy for the insurgents. Not to mention the extra resources needed to ensure his safety and security, I think they have a hard enough job out there as it is without the added strain of having Harry there.

Callisto · 16/05/2007 20:42

Royals have always served though. There was no 'idea' of him going simply that the regiment he joined would be going at some point. Perhaps if the media had left it all alone he would still be going. I feel very sorry for him right now.

rollonsummerholidays · 16/05/2007 21:33

I'm, with y ou onefootinthegrave.... so relieved he is not going now . A total risk as if there is not enough. God 6 months for you. my d/h is going on sunday for 3.5 but next one will be 6 in line with army. This is the worst stage the looming period i call it not away yet so countdown cannot begin.

ELF1981 · 16/05/2007 22:07

my DH is spluttering in annoyance at this, and I have NEVER seen him take an interest in the news!

mosschops30 · 16/05/2007 22:14

Have no loyalty to the Royals but I think the risk he poses to the rest of our troops is too much to tempt.

We are in a different day and age compared to when other royals have served, he would be used as a target, and put peoples sons/husbands/fathers at risk

clutteredup · 16/05/2007 22:16

I blame the media (for everything actually ) for being so involved. If they weren't so irresponsible, publishing everything about everything he does, then he might have been able to carry on like a normal member of the armed forces. But as they have to publish his every breath it was clearly going to be far too much of a security risk. headline of Sun, harry arriving at 0600 in Baghdad, harry off to join forces in secret enclave in Southern Iraq ( see satellite pictures page6), Harry seen at mapreference .....etc. in the old days these things were secret and stayed secret , nowadays its a miracle all our troops don't get killed. rant rave rant rave - feeling better now thank you

saltire · 16/05/2007 22:19

Good, I'm glad he's not going , for the safety of all the military personnel out there. I also think the media have to lot to answer for, they repeatedly told the world he was going out there, and would no doubt have had Arthur Edwards from the Sun following him on camel so they could publish pictures of him

noddyholder · 16/05/2007 22:24

Some of the troops over there are livid.They have said the situation there couldn't get any more dangerous sp sending Harry would not affect that.I do think there would be repercussions here though if he went like a terrorist attack on a building related to the ruyal family like buck palace or windsor.Not worth the risk.

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