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paris hilton petition to not go to jail....

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suzycreamcheese · 09/05/2007 15:15

should there be one to say she DOES go???

its on bbc site, cant do links

well should there be?
i'd sign it!

OP posts:
auntyspan · 09/05/2007 15:19

me too suzy..... the shock will do her the world of good.

I'm fed up with people like her thinking they're above the law.

Send her dowwwwwwnnnnnnn!!!!

Greensleeves · 09/05/2007 15:23

I feel a bit sorry for her

southeastastra · 09/05/2007 15:24

another thread, and yes you can sign a petition to keep her in

suzycreamcheese · 09/05/2007 16:05

oh, thanks southeastastra..iwill

greeny it will probably help her media career anyhow...
..the the law of the land she has been adjudged to spend time in the clink.....she's done wrong she should go...
its the law!! heh

orange is the new black n all prediction....ha ha

OP posts:
SueBaroo · 09/05/2007 16:31

Reminds me of the woman with the awful voice in Singin' in the Rain -

'If we can bring something into your humdrum lives, all our hard work ain't been in vain for nothing'

Can we make respresentations to have her sent down precisely because she brings nothing at all into my life except irritation?

suzycreamcheese · 09/05/2007 17:19 the name!
..yes,irritation factor should be big consideration in length of sentence....
...and...if we kept on voting would they keep her in month after month...just a thought of my better ones!!!

OP posts:
SueBaroo · 09/05/2007 17:22

suzy, it works for me

goes off to create a automatic bot to keep signing petitions to keep her out of the public eye forever...

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