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Bird Flu in turkeys

8 replies

saltire · 03/02/2007 12:01

It has been confirmed as the strain which can be fatal to humans
see here

OP posts:
morningpaper · 03/02/2007 12:03

How did 2.6 THOUSAND turkeys die from this before it was discovered? That seems like a bit of a disaster

saltire · 03/02/2007 12:05

I thought that. When i heard yesterday about the amount of turkeys that had dided, i said to DH that i bet it was bird flu, but why had they seemingly waited until so many died before checking?

OP posts:
wotzsaname · 03/02/2007 12:15

just been watching on sky news. H5N1 bird flu at Suffolk poultry farm! bet there are going to be loads of poultry left in the foodstores this week!

Spidermama · 03/02/2007 12:23

Intensive, cruel farming methods packing birds in together like this. I've read about how turkeys are kept. Disgusting. No wonder this has happened.
The man who brought us Turkey Twizzlers and other such disgusting poison may be getting his come uppance. Shame for the innocent birds.


Spidermama · 03/02/2007 12:25

The rear them packed into tiny areas with no room to move around, in their own shit, and feed them up so fast they don't have time to grow properly so many can't move, ever, because they have broken legs which can't suppport their unnatural bulk.

Surely this is a wake up call for people who just eat meat and poultry without first considering the farming methods which prevail to make it so cheap.

scatterbrain · 03/02/2007 12:46

Saltire - they didn't wait - the tests take a couple of days to be conclusive. No point panicking the nation until sure !

PanicPants · 03/02/2007 17:50

The birds were in sterile conditions so they don't know how the bird flu came into contact with them.

Either means it's all around us, or dp thinks it could be deliberate.

ruty · 03/02/2007 21:32

That's what i thought spidermama. Don't quite understand how the virus got on in their tho. From wild birds they said on radio. Given that these turkeys never see the light of day i don't quite understand that one...

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