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JADE - Oh dear

37 replies

TinyGang · 30/01/2007 11:21


'I have to refer you to the Priory'

OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 30/01/2007 11:21

Message withdrawn

ledodgy · 30/01/2007 11:22

That made me snigger slightly I can't imagine my gp ever saying that to me!

fartmeistergeneral · 30/01/2007 11:23

that is so tragic. Not a fan of Jade at all, but how awful that someone's life has just completely unravelled....

Birthdaybeetroot · 30/01/2007 11:23

oh the lives of the rich adn famous -

FluffyMummy123 · 30/01/2007 11:23

Message withdrawn

Saturn74 · 30/01/2007 11:24

GPs say that all the time, I expect!
Perhaps she'll be gently eased through the 'you stupidly reminded the nation what a bully you are, and now your livelihood is ruined' course?
Does anyone know if she has she seen her children since she left the BB house?

JoolsToo · 30/01/2007 11:24

Jade should have known better than anyone what the BB house is all about.

She really is dumb

TinyGang · 30/01/2007 11:25

People are always being rushed off to the Priory in cars from our GP's surgery.

OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 30/01/2007 11:25

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland · 30/01/2007 11:25

Who cares?

[rolls eyes]

ledodgy · 30/01/2007 11:25

Haha yeah that's how I imagine it.

I'm not sure if I believe it actually. Yes I can understand it could make you very depressed but could also smack of 'See i'm just like Kate Moss honestly' publicity stunt.

Birthdaybeetroot · 30/01/2007 11:25

where are her children? Who is looking after them? Must be a pretty good mate

Whoooosh · 30/01/2007 11:25

My sister was admitted to the Priory in SOuthgate and it was HORRIBLE-had to "spring" her after only two nights as I felt so sorry for her.

It was very interesting though that many of the patients there were not privately paying-many funded by local health authority at over £600 per night.

quadrophenia · 30/01/2007 11:26

I am such a cynic, i hate it when ever a celibrity does anything wrong they go to the Priory so we all some how take them more seriously. kerry Katona did it, kate bloody moss did it and now Jade.

Saturn74 · 30/01/2007 11:26

TinyGang, I hope the cars have blacked out windows so mere mortals can't see the trauma etched on the face of the 'slebs'.

Thelittlesoldiersmummy · 30/01/2007 11:27

i read she hadnt seen her children since coming out - sorry the first thing I would have done it seen my kids no matter what how so bloody me me me get over yourself you silly cow ohhh it makes me soo angry !

Mumatuks · 30/01/2007 11:27

no sympathy for her. It was all a lie about her windows being smashed in.
It was one window on a lesser part of the house, just a small side window.

Silly woman brought it on herself. Racist comments and the rest of the stuff she came out with was appalling. No wonder her antibullying group dropped her.

jampot · 30/01/2007 11:27

"BB bosses ruined my life"

errrr didnt they launch her "career"

itsmeNDP · 30/01/2007 11:27

Beety, I think their father has a lot to do with the kids, so they are prob with him

mysonsmummy · 30/01/2007 11:28

she had got such a good pr company. all staged IMO. on this morning danielle said jade knew everything what was going on outside before she left house.

TinyGang · 30/01/2007 11:28

It's just the final straw being her boyfriend impersonating her that does it for me. 'I was fine until I saw Jack in a wig mouthing off...'

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 30/01/2007 11:28

i want someone to 'ruin my life' and make me £8m.

yeah! yeah!


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bundle · 30/01/2007 11:29

whooosh is right, real people go to the priory, too, I think they do pretty good work from what I hear. part of jade's - ahem - journey will be to admit that she's responsible for what she said, no one made her do it....

LIZS · 30/01/2007 11:30

a bit inevitable though. What are they going to do give her a personality transplant so we all forgive her and flock to the next Jade venture ?

Sadly proof positive that money and fame don't buy happiness, yet I bet they are all queuing up or the BB8 auditions precisely for that.

Feel sorry for her kids, is there any hope for them ?

GameGirly · 30/01/2007 11:31

And as for her little friend Jo on GMTV this morning ... get a grip, you big bully.

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