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Rather more important that ghastly reality tv show - oil slick on British shore.

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Callisto · 22/01/2007 08:57

Doubtful any of the 'celeb' obsessed mad people that currently inhabit MN will be interested, but a major ecological disaster could be about to happen at Lyme Bay. There is an oil slick plus some very nasty chemicals in drums. For those interested read all about it here.

OP posts:
unknownrebelbang · 22/01/2007 09:05

I've seen this on the news.

I think that the "celeb" obsession you refer to is more to do with the bullying/racism issues raised, tbh.

Callisto · 22/01/2007 09:11

Well this thread isn't the place to discuss it but the whole thing was engineered by Channel 4 to improve ratings. If you all want to discuss racism and bullying feel free but don't pretend to do so whilst getting off on all the playground gossip.

As for the shipwreck, the worrying thing isn't so much the oilslick as there are mechanisms in place to deal with such things, it is the large drums of very nast chemicals which are floating in the sea. It seems the Environmental Agency is waiting for them to sink and has no idea how many there are.

OP posts:
MrsMistake · 22/01/2007 09:17

It's scarey. This is happening 'down the road' from me!

FioFio · 22/01/2007 09:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

PeachyClair · 22/01/2007 09:23

Its so sad- DH grew up not far from there, until we moved here it was our quick day out place and such a lovely, relatively clean place (MrsMistake, where are you? DH from Chard, not that far away)

Really praying for the area.

(CAllisto- bit judgemental love on the BB thing. Don't much do celebriaty but very interested in the racism discussions- I am basing an entire degree on a close subject deliberately so cannot be said to be 'getting off on playground gossip')

Detour over.

Callisto · 22/01/2007 09:24

Oh really MrsMistake? I hear there is already a rescue operation for the seabirds. It is horrible how it effects wildlife. We are such an irresponsible species.

OP posts:
Callisto · 22/01/2007 09:27

Fair point Peachy, but the number of threads is ridiculous and completely over the top. I suppose I assumed MN would be a bit more sensible about it all.

OP posts:
MrsMistake · 22/01/2007 09:27

Peachy, we are in Seaton, so literally along the coast from Branscombe. We love Branscombe beach, wild and rugged, we often go to the Sea Shanty for lunch or coffee and the children walk back to Seaton over the cliffs. This is horrible.

unknownrebelbang · 22/01/2007 09:37

"""Well this thread isn't the place to discuss it but the whole thing was engineered by Channel 4 to improve ratings. If you all want to discuss racism and bullying feel free but don't pretend to do so whilst getting off on all the playground gossip."""

Maybe not the place to discuss it, I was responding to your dig.

FWIW, I agree it was engineered by C4/Endemol, but I have not discussed it on here at all, please don't make assumptions. I don't get off on the playground gossip as you call it....and I discuss racism and bullying through my work quite often, along with lots of other issues.

Callisto · 22/01/2007 09:41

Another link from the Times here.

OP posts:
LieselVentouse · 22/01/2007 09:45

I think MN is a good forum to discuss everything - from rascism to environmental issues.

JARM · 22/01/2007 09:48

My brother works in container shipping.

He knows the person who did all the bookings for the Napoli to sail.

Things are mad in her office right now!

It is awful, and I too am shocked at the little amount we can do to prevent something like this happening again.

Jessajam · 22/01/2007 09:49

This is close to home for me too.

DH said on the news last night they were showing the beach and it was just covered in torches, from all the local residents hightailing it down there to see if there was any good stuff being washed up

Apparently the 'toxic chemicals' they are concerned about is a shipment of perfume...

ScummyMummy · 22/01/2007 09:49

Branscombe beach is beautiful. Lovely area generally. Really hope the damage can be contained somehow.

Callisto · 22/01/2007 09:50

Unknown - there are 15 threads about this and I doubt if more than one or two have anything to do with discussing racism and bullying. However, didn't mean to upset anyone so sorry for the generalisation.

OP posts:
VioletBaudelaire · 22/01/2007 09:55

I agree with Liesel.
I think racism, bullying and the threat to the environment are all important issues.

ScummyMummy · 22/01/2007 09:59

There's more to speculate on/discuss with bb. Encompasses gossip, weirdness of reality tv phenomenon, what can be done to change things, was it predictable/contrived/scripted, what does it say about the British and class and race and education and stuff, are the individuals concerned responsible or the programme makers. With this story all you can say is uh oh hope for the best, hope the weather changes, lovely area, hope experts are on hand to save seabirds and clean spillages as best they can. So, yes, this is a v important story but not as meaty when it comes to discussion as bb so unlikely to run to 15 threads, imo, unless Jade Goody throws herself behind the efforts to prevent an environmental disaster in an attempt to rehabilitate herself.

Jessajam · 22/01/2007 10:03

Keep checking back on this thread as a new msg comes on, to see what someone else thinks about the container ship issue...but they are all about farking BB...

PeachyClair · 22/01/2007 10:04

Ah MrsMistake know seaton very well indeed (we do the carnivals in Devon and Somerset and we had our first date there)

Fingers crossed it doesn't all go pear shaped down there

MrsMistake · 22/01/2007 10:08

Peachy, lol at first date in Seaton, did you hold hands on the tram coz there's not alot else here!!

SNOWBall4girlz · 22/01/2007 10:11

it is awful but hindsight is a wonderful thing and doesnt help the local wildlife or the beautiful beaches.
Find it extraordinary that people are opening containers when there is a real risk of chemical contamination pesticides are nasty esp if concentrated and sulphuric acid burns but the thought of some perfume or a bmw well souvenirs are souvenirs
Hope they manage to pump the rest of the oil out before it spills that would be great.

Leaves you feeling a bit helpless and sad imo.

Enid · 22/01/2007 10:13

callisto I live very near to Lyme and believe me have been following this very closely, despite watching a bit of BB

uwila · 22/01/2007 10:14

I think this is the same ship that had to be abandoned in the high winds last Thursday. Fortunately, I think all of the crew members were safely resued, but they had to sit in life boats in 70mph winds until the helicopter could get down to rescue them (the helicopters can't fly in 70mph winds). What a horrible experience that must have been.

I think the oild that has spilled was from the engine room, and I think that most of it has already spilled so not a lot more damage is expected.

Interestingly, I remember hearing on the news on Thurs. that the French were organising the rescue... yet the ship has intentionally been beached (on British shores) to prevent it from sinking.

batters · 22/01/2007 10:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gingerbear · 22/01/2007 10:54

Sulphuric acid is a threat, but there will not be as great an environmental threat as the fuel oil in the tanker hold. (The acid is in the car batteries)
Of more concern is how the hell did a 16 year old ship that had run aground in Malaysia 2001, have reapairs done and be back on the high seas again? Don't they have 'MOT's' for vessels? And if it is the same captain he should have his captain's license taken off him be walking the plank.

Re the looting - I am sure this has gone on for centuries; plundering wrecks for booty.

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