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Stand up and be counted

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biglils · 19/01/2007 18:42

I have decided to boycott Channel 4 for their attitude to the whole race thing. I am sure that if everybody who had complained about this appalling bigotry refused to watch C4 until they took action against these so called celebrities (I favour some sort of incitement to racial hatred type charge)maybe there would be a negative effect on their ratings instead of an increase.

Whilst in this frame of mind, does anybody out there fancy setting a series of dates for removing and leaving all unecessary packaging at their local supermarket. With all warnings of global warming etc. I think it would be great to try to encourage all supermarkets to reduce the enourmous amount of surplus waste, generated by the weekly shop, at source? Apparently it worked in Germany very well. I shall get off my hobby horse now and go and make kids tea.

OP posts:
mateychops · 19/01/2007 18:51

I would suggest that rather than boycott CH4, contact any of their sponsors and tell them the reason why.

The rest of your thread is a bit scary....

mummydear · 19/01/2007 18:58

Boycott CH4 but then boycott all the mags and papers etc that have interviews with the celebs !

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