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Julia Roberts

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futurity · 01/06/2004 14:16

Just read this:

Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is pregnant with twins, according to reports.

People magazine reported that Roberts' spokeswoman, Marcy Engelman, said the Pretty Woman star was due to give birth to twins early next year.

US Weekly said Roberts, 36, had been pregnant for about nine weeks. Star magazine, citing unidentified sources, said the twins were a boy and a girl.

Roberts, who won the best actress Oscar in 2001 for Erin Brockovich, married cinematographer Daniel Moder, 35, in July 2002 at her home in New Mexico. The twins would be the first children for Roberts.

Engelman told People that twins ran in Roberts' family, with her great-grandmother and a pair of cousins born as twins. do they know they are a boy and girl if she is only nine weeks pregnant!!?

OP posts:
Fio2 · 01/06/2004 14:19

she has had fertility treatment aswell hasnt she?

eefs · 01/06/2004 14:19

christ - I would hate to be famous, imagine people knowing this sort of stuff about you before you'd even told good friends. Poor girl, how intrusive.

I hope it goes well for her though

lilibet · 01/06/2004 14:21

hmmm 9 weeks is a bit early for a celeb to announce, isn't it? I would take it with a pinch of salt, but would love it to be true!

Soapbox · 01/06/2004 14:53

Well - I think they would only know if it was a boy and a girl at this stage if it was IVF and they new the genetic make up of the embryo before it was implanted>

Fio2 · 01/06/2004 14:54

that would be my opinion aswell soapbox. I dont understand why they cant admit they have had treatment though, seems ridiculous. Mind you can you beleive anything you read in some of these papers and magazines?

beansprout · 01/06/2004 17:22

I heard she was preg last week on the basis that she has a "baby belly" already. Again, a bit soon I would have thought. As for knowing the sex....?!!!

Wish her well, there's enough as it is without being in the media glare.

juniper68 · 01/06/2004 17:26

I had a baby belly v early with DS1 and when carrying a baby I'd lost.

I hope it all goes well for her if it's true. I really warmed to her when she was on tv with the orangutangs, she was so sweet with them.

Hulababy · 01/06/2004 17:30

On 10th May on another celeb babies thread I posted this:

Julia Roberts is looking into other ways to have a family as IVF hasn't worked for her.

This was also on same site.

So I really hope she is pg after all

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