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City Fund Manager pregnant with 8th baby

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speedymama · 17/01/2007 10:06

Just been reading about Helena Morrissey from a link a friend sent. At the age of 40, she earns a seven figure salary running a fund management company in charge of £32billion assets and she is pregnant with her eighth baby. I've tried linking the article but the story for some reason does not appear when I run preview so I have copied some of the article here.

"Mrs Morrissey is modest about her achievements, denying she is a superwoman and saying she feels 'lucky to have lots of children and a fulfilling career and not to have had to choose one or the other'. Then again, it's not every mum who has not only a nanny but also a husband who is a Buddhist monk and stays at home looking after their burgeoning brood aged between 18 months and 15 years.

'Although my maternity leaves are short, they are intense,' she said. 'Then it's a gradual handover to my husband - and we have a nanny - when I go back to work."

Well, imo, earning in excess of £1m per annum as well as having a SAHH plus a nanny really does help but at least she he fulfilling her need to work as well as procreate.

OP posts:
oliveoil · 17/01/2007 10:08

all I can say is

8 children? Is she mad?

brimfull · 17/01/2007 10:10

The key is the SAHH.

skiwear · 17/01/2007 10:10

Only 1 nanny?

bluejelly · 17/01/2007 10:10

She was in the observer on sunday-- she also looks young and pretty, which staggered me


MrsJohnCusack · 17/01/2007 10:24

what a juxtaposition between her job and a buddhist monk!
what an interesting story.

NotAnOtter · 17/01/2007 10:27

odd but in a fab way!

juuule · 17/01/2007 19:46

Sorry, I can't see what is so remarkable. She has a nanny and a sahh and no money problems. Is the big deal because she is a woman. Surely if it was a man with sahm and a nanny and no money problems it wouldn't be a big deal.

Whizzz · 17/01/2007 19:47

maybe it helps to have DH who is a Buddhist monk ????

Whizzz · 17/01/2007 19:49

sad isn't it that the story of a woman having a great job, god hubby, and all the kids she wants is so rare, it makes the papers !

Aloha · 17/01/2007 19:56

I was just sick with envy that she was so thin! I have gained stone with each of my two children. I would have to be winched out of my house by crane if I hate eight.

Pennies · 17/01/2007 19:58

She used to be my DH's boss!

moondog · 17/01/2007 20:03

Good for her,but running a home and having kids is no big deal if you can pay someone else to do it for you.

suedonim · 17/01/2007 21:27

I wonder what an intense maternity leave is?

paulaplumpbottom · 17/01/2007 21:29

This is it, she doesn't really ahve it all.

WideWebWitch · 17/01/2007 21:30

If she's the woman who was in The Observer she was very gorgeous and slim wasn't she?

LaDiDaDi · 17/01/2007 21:31

I bet Xenia's jealous .

lissielou · 17/01/2007 21:37

hmm just put her name into yahoo.

i no longer believe in god, father xmas or the tooth fairy

hatwoman · 17/01/2007 21:44

observer pic isn;t there but daily mail is doesn't look that pretty to me.

VeniVidiVickiQV · 17/01/2007 21:53

oh hatwoman.....a touch of perhaps...?

She is slim and attractive, has a good job and earns a fortune, has 7 children and one on the way , who wouldnt be

hatwoman · 17/01/2007 22:03

not remotely . how could i be envious of someone who wears cardis and pearls? no it was a really genuine observation. just too sloaney looking for me!

bogwobbit · 17/01/2007 22:05

I think she looks too thin

mrsdarcy · 17/01/2007 22:24

I think she looks great. Good for her. I'm with Aloha on the winch though


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jajas · 17/01/2007 22:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zookeeper · 17/01/2007 22:58

she shoudl ditch the pearls - very ageing

zookeeper · 17/01/2007 22:59

spot the jealous cow

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