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Would you want the job as Madonnas Nanny? Don't think I would much.....

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UCM · 14/01/2007 16:37


OP posts:
cazzybabs · 14/01/2007 16:39

no friends for 3 months - god that is a bit much!

southeastastra · 14/01/2007 16:40

no tv! isn't her hubby a director?

brimfull · 14/01/2007 16:40

god no ,bet she's a tyrant to work for.

Was wondering,do nanny's get paid more ,if there are more children in the family?

Pinkchampagne · 14/01/2007 16:42

No way!!! I'm not suprised she's having trouble finding someone!

SpookyMadMummy · 14/01/2007 17:06

shes obviously not a mumsnetter then

satine · 14/01/2007 17:09

Hmm, this is the Daily Mail, though. I'd love to compare this article with the actual job description!

I love the comment underneath "Why did she adopt David if she was going to hire a nanny?"

Xenia? Care to offer an opinion?!

speedymama · 15/01/2007 16:32

Does Her Madgesty not rely on TV to promote herself? Where would she be without those music channels to play her videos? Or the channels stupid enough to show any of her films?

Also, will the person insane enough to take the job be allowed to have a life of their own?

Poor David. I hope he does not grow up with a skewed view of life in a developed country.

expatinscotland · 15/01/2007 16:34

Hell no.

Saturn74 · 15/01/2007 16:37

Hmm..another postive and insightful piece from the Daily Mail!
Why can't adoptive parents have a nanny?
I'm no huge Madonna fan, but she's a working mother, so having a nanny seems an obvious decision.

AitchTwoOh · 15/01/2007 16:41

i think the no tv in her own room thing is a bit rich, but i suppose madge is ideally looking to find someone who doesn't want to watch telly cos that would be easier on everyone.
as for the no guests for three months, i think that makes perfect sense. if you're a big star with lots of security issues it's surely fair to ask for a trial period so that they can establish whether the nanny can hack it and whether she's trustworthy? someone could apply fo the job with the express intention of inviting a pal with a camera to come and take shots for the tabs?

EmmyLou · 15/01/2007 16:49

TBH, I'm a bit suprised she didn't have a nanny already lined up from the instant she brought David back from Malawi. No problems with her getting a nanny - she does work after all, but sounds like a pretty isolating job to me. No friends etc. Wonder how many undercover journos/paps will be applying?

hippmummy · 15/01/2007 16:54

agree with satine - this reported in the Daily Mail, by a 'friend' of Madonna

paulaplumpbottom · 15/01/2007 20:37

So she has one nanny for each of the kids?

DaisyMOO · 15/01/2007 23:44

Maybe she didn't have a nanny lined up for David because he was an impulse-buy

NorksBride · 15/01/2007 23:51

DaisyMOO - teeheehee!

And no, I wouldn't want to work as Madonna's nanny. But then, I wouldn't want to be anyone's nanny. (Besides, I'm way to shouty, I'd be sacked before lunch) .

NorksBride · 15/01/2007 23:52

too shouty. even.

EmmyLou · 16/01/2007 13:58

Norksbride - Would Madonna sack a nanny for bad grammar???

NorksBride · 16/01/2007 14:02

She certainly would Emmylou. Madge is an ambassador for both English lit and language.

pinkandsparkly · 18/01/2007 00:42

Wouldn't fancy being Madonna's nanny one bit, she's way too scary. I fully expect the Daily Mail has created it's own 'unique' interpretation of the ad but I would imagine there will be a pretty hefty set of rules to follow.

I went for a Nanny interview once where I was told, if I accepted the job, that I was NOT to babysit for any other family in MY OWN TIME in case I was 'tired' when looking after their dc. They were including weekends in this too! Think sometimes poeple confuse 'employee' with 'servant.'

Needless to say I turned THAT one down!

Hope madge finds her nanny but it might be a long search.

uwila · 18/01/2007 08:24

She could pay David's real father to come look after his own son. Then he wouldn't be poverty stricken and David could have his father....

Actually I don't really care. No part of Madonna's life resembles the real world so no surprise her expectations on childcare don't either.

paulaplumpbottom · 18/01/2007 09:31

Not a bad idea Uwila.It makes me so sad that she was able to take him away when he had a loving family in Africa. If she really wanted to help the little boy she could have afforded to set them up for life and leave him with his family.

ChicPea · 18/01/2007 09:57

Madonna has one nanny for her elder two and has recently been recruiting for the younger one which makes sense given her lifestyle. She has huge demands which she knows are demanding so always arranges a fixed term contract which is sensible. She pays very well indeed and lots of nannies want to work for her. She is very careful during the selection process and makes sure the nanny knows what she is taking on. Simple. I wish all clients recruiting nannies were like that so that there are no shocks/surprises in the first few weeks of employment.


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ChicPea · 18/01/2007 10:02

Another thing, there are many families who don't have celeb status who work in the city/have their own business/are the landed gentry and employ a nanny(or nannies) Monday to Friday and then have another nanny(or nannies) who takes over from Friday evening to Monday morning. They hardly see their children and this is a fact. You wouldn't believe some families' set up but it does exist whether you approve or not.

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