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Oprah WInfrey - she really is incredible isn't she?

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misspinkcat · 06/01/2007 14:25

I find her really awe inspiring. I wish she would publish her autobiog.

OP posts:
daisy1999 · 06/01/2007 14:26

really ???

MarsLady · 06/01/2007 14:26

I love Oprah!

daisy1999 · 06/01/2007 14:28

I can't stand it when she interviews her friends - she is so nicey nicey - yuk [sick emotion]

lulumama · 06/01/2007 14:31

you mean about the money she has donated to build a school in south africa......yes..absolutely...nice to see a sleb put their money where their mouth is

lulumama · 06/01/2007 14:32

oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls

Carmenere · 06/01/2007 14:33

I like her, she appears to have integrity.

misspinkcat · 06/01/2007 14:37

I LOVE her when she interviews anyone. Especially when she shows us her walk in wardrobe.

OP posts:
SherlockLGJ · 06/01/2007 14:37

She is a good person.

SherlockLGJ · 06/01/2007 14:38

And thin.

Or she was the last time I looked.

misspinkcat · 06/01/2007 14:39

Oh yes her clothes have got a lot better. ( Another mn thread reverts to type)

OP posts:
speedymama · 08/01/2007 10:58

She was born into a poor family in a country that treated black people as second class citizens. From such a start, she worked, worked and worked to become the global success that she is now. She is an inspiration to me because she epitomises what one can achieve with diligence, tenacity, prescience, aplomb and a fair amount of good luck. She is one of my Sheros.

zippitippitoes · 08/01/2007 10:59

I was pleasantly surprised at ther school in Sout Africa project..| remarked on it to dd1 and she said well she can afford it

but I don't think that is the point most people don't do these things

Budababe · 08/01/2007 11:05

I love Oprah. I think she is a celeb who DOES put her money and her position to good use.

paulaplumpbottom · 08/01/2007 13:20

Some of the things she says is a bit new agey, but I do really respect how far she has come given her background. I think she inspires people in a way that I think is rare these days.

eidsvold · 10/01/2007 06:26

i thought it was fab when she invited a number of friends/celebs to help her open the school and they were provided with great accom etc on the proviso that they donated books to the library.

I thought the school sounded fab and it is good to see celebs who put their money into bettering the community/world around them.

arfishy · 10/01/2007 06:46

Yep, she's a great role model.

I wonder if there has been any hoo-haa in the states about the fact that she didn't do the school in the US or is everybody just happy that she's actually just done something constructive with her cash?

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