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Keiton Knight, his cancer has come back. [sad]

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FairyTaleOfNewYork · 24/12/2006 08:55

This is taken from MySpace. They have been all over the news raising awareness for the antony nolans trust in their search for a bone marrow donor. what a blow for them for the cancer to return all was looking, well not good, but a bit better.

Thinking of them all this xmas.


Keiton first became sick in January 2003. His eye started swelling up and then he couldn't put any weight on his left leg. After months of pain and x-rays and tests he was finally taken into hospital, by this time he was paralyzed from the waist down and fighting for life.

In June 2003 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblast Leukaemia (ALL) Cancer of the Blood. The doctors said it was unlikely that he would ever walk again, yet he is now running around! At that time he had to have chemo treatment for 3 years, everything was going really well until the last month of treatment in July 2006 when Keiton relapsed with a different type of cancer.

It is very rare for this to happen and it is a very aggressive type of cancer. Keiton?s families were told that the only way to give him a chance of survival would be with a Stem Cell Transplant. The best way to do this is with a Bone Marrow Donor but due to Keiton being mixed raced, one parent white the other black, we were told that it would be very difficult to find a match for him.

Keiton's uncle, Warren Knight, then started an appeal for mixed raced people to come forward and join the Bone Marrow register. Keiton's mum, Paris Knight appeared on TV, radio and in newspaper?s making appeals and we managed to help recruit over 1,500 individuals to sign up to the Bone Marrow register. This is a fantastic achievement and undoubtedly save the life of many individuals.

Sadly no donor has been found for Keiton after searching around the world of 10 Million people on the register.

About 6 weeks into the appeal to find a donor, the doctor's told Keiton's family that because of the unique tissue type in Keiton's Bone Marrow the chances of EVER finding a match were ?nearly impossible? and without some type of transplant they predicted that Keiton?s cancer would be back within 2 months, and he would be dead with in 6 months. This news was by far some of the hardest news the family had ever to accept so far.

The Doctors then outlined some other some options:

  1. A Blood Cord Transplant, which is the stem cells from the umbilical cord of a new born baby, but the chance?s of survival after transplant were only 20% and his quality of life during this time would be dreadful.

  1. To take Keiton home and hope the chemo alone would cure him, which they all felt would not happen, but at least he would have some peace before he died.

This was not an option from the family?s perspective. They refused to give up on him.

Keiton?s doctor then went on to say that they had never performed a blood cord transplant before; in fact the whole of the UK had hardly ever done it and was technology was up to 5 years behind the USA.

Research carried out by the family revealed that the USA pioneered the field of Cord Blood Transplants. Surgeons in the USA offered Keiton a 55% chance of survival after transplant. Keiton?s family desperately started fund raising as £500,000 was needed to fund life saving treatment for Keiton.

The fund raising went really well with the public in the UK, family and friends showing so much love, support, kindness and willingness to help us raise this money. Large and small events and fundraising activities involving celebrities, schools, colleges, business and local communities took place all over the country, and even abroad.

After weeks of fund raising and public appeals £50,000 has been raised, but time has now run out. He HAS to have a transplant before the cancer comes back again.

Paris visited the UK?s top hospitals as she had to make sure that Keiton could get the best possible treatment the UK had to offer if they didn?t get him to the US. She decided that the Transplant & Isolation unit in Bristol was the place.

Since then there has been yet more disappointment. The medics revealed that a 4 out of 6 cord match had been found for Keiton but further tests revealed that one was not suitable or had been reserved for someone else.

Finally the family were told that 2 cords had been found and due to neither of them having enough stem cells in them for Keiton?s weight the would perform a Double Cord Transplant, this was the best option for Keiton and that the cords had been reserved for him and he was to have his transplant on 5th January 2007.

Keiton?s mum, Paris, received a phone call on Monday the 18th which tore her and keiton?s family to bits one more time?..Keiton?s Cancer had come back.

The Cancer had come back in a very aggressive form and there was no way the Transplant could go ahead now as the Cancer would be too strong. Keiton was admitted into The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton on Wednesday.

Keiton will have to now under go the strongest Chemo treatment he has had so far. His body is getting weaker and he is suffering more adverse reactions, yet when he?s not feeling too ill he still manager?s to put a brave face on, he?s such a soldier!

Keiton and his mum, Paris, now have to stay at the Marsden for nothing less then 6 weeks and then wait to see if the Chemo has worked and he goes into remission for the 3rd time.
Keiton was only given a 20-30% chance of survival after transplant before and Doctor?s told the family that if he needed to go into remission another time it would knock his chance?s down by 20%, so that doesn?t leave much to go on and Paris has been warned that there is a very high chance he will die in hospital trying to recover!

We will continue to keep you all updated as time goes by.

Keiton?s mum say?s
?Please everyone keep praying, sending positive vibe?s or what-ever it is you do, that you think can help as all of your support so far has made such a difference to Keiton and I and we could never thank you all enough?
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cyrilthefestivesquirrel · 24/12/2006 09:23

oh no

gorgeous little boy. I am so sad about this.

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