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The skydiver death

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Coddylicious · 21/05/2004 12:17

theya re going t o release forensic evidence about this later.

I cant imagine what conclusion it will come to?

It is a tragic case

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Piffleoffagus · 21/05/2004 12:18

suicide is my guess
bizarre case

Coddylicious · 21/05/2004 12:24

no t says they have ruled that out..

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Coddylicious · 21/05/2004 12:25


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Twinkie · 21/05/2004 12:25

Oooohhhh I thought he had cut his own leads!!

Piffleoffagus · 21/05/2004 12:25

where does it say that? On Sky it says they refuse to rule out suicide all along...

Piffleoffagus · 21/05/2004 12:27


Police investigating the death of skydiver Stephen Hilder are expected to announce a major development in the case, amid growing speculation that the Army cadet took his own life.

Humberside Police has always refused to confirm reports the 20-year-old was responsible for cutting the cords on both his main and reserve parachutes.

But today senior officers are due to reveal the results of crucial new forensic tests.

The tests were ordered last month after the force announced it had discovered a "significant development" relating to the forensic side of the inquiry.

Detectives travelled to Hereford this week to brief Mr Hilder's parents on the new information.

Officers have refused to confirm reports that the police inquiry, which had been treating the death as murder, is to be scaled down.

Mr Hilder plunged 13,000ft to his death to his death last July while competing in a national skydiving contest at Hibaldstow, near Brigg, in Lincolnshire.

Detectives quickly found that cords on both his main and reserve chutes had been cut.

Police will reveal the new information at a news conference in Hull.

gothicmama · 21/05/2004 12:27

thought they said that on Breakfast (BBC) this morning but link says different

Coddylicious · 21/05/2004 12:29

its says on another site that was speculation.

talking of unsolved cases, anyone know about the english man ( well young man) who jumped off a motorwya bridge in germany after joining a cult..?

THAT was weird
and as for deepcut barracks

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Piffleoffagus · 21/05/2004 12:31

deepcut indeed, what a cover up and a travesty for those poor parents.
See Little Mo has had her baby girl!
Little Mo's Blossom

Coddylicious · 21/05/2004 12:32

heard a really interestind radio 4 programme on deep cut once.

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Coddylicious · 21/05/2004 12:34

here it is DO listen to it

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Piffleoffagus · 21/05/2004 12:35

I know a person who left the army at deepcut because what he said was bullying in his "initiation"
Still has scar of where barrel of gun was pressed into forehead, is too terrified to pursue it and has relocated to an overseas country and renamed themselves and family...
Begs the question huh

Coddylicious · 21/05/2004 12:36

Hmm didnt hey say that the guns were too long to be able to shoot them at your head and pull he trigger.?

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