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Jenni Murray has breast cancer - prognosis 'excellent'

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FauveGoldRings · 21/12/2006 13:00

Jennie Murray announced that she has breast cancer at the end of Woman's Hour today and added that the prognosis is excellent, so that's good news. Horrible thing to find out at Christmas, though
I'm still shocked by the death of Nick Clarke, and the injuries to Frank Gardiner. It shows how these Beeb people become almost like people you really know.

OP posts:
marymillington · 21/12/2006 13:03

i thought she was very brave to make the announcement herself in that way. she sounded very positive too. f

FauveGoldRings · 21/12/2006 13:04

Yes, I agree. She must have interviewed quite a few women with breast cancer over the years, so she'll know that it can be cured.

OP posts:
Judy1234 · 24/12/2006 16:53

How awful. I didn't hear that.

Link between sugar and breast cancer I was reading and a study about a nation with very little breast cancer where not much sugar is eaten. I can't remember which country.

wickedwinterwitch · 24/12/2006 16:59

Oh no, I like Jenni Murray very much.

pantomimEdam · 24/12/2006 17:02

That's very sad. IIRC she's got a very 'close' family so I hope she's got loads of support. (IKWYM about Frank Gardiner, whenever I see him on the news I feel sad/cross on his behalf. He once said the thing that really pissed him off was that the terrorists used a greeting in Arabic that is about peace.)

ParanoidSurreyHousewife · 24/12/2006 17:22

I think that she found out the day after her mum died (article in yesterday's Times). Thought that it was interesting that she brought her 18 yo son with her to see the consultant as a way of reassuring him.

binker · 24/12/2006 17:26

yes,heard about it during the week - hope all will be well. I love Frank Gardner - the cameraman who died when Frank was shot was a very good friend of one of my pals.

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