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organic chicken is fatty and lacking in omega 3 and flavour ergo it is not all it's cracked up to be

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zippitippitoes · 03/12/2006 19:14

..still worth having or not fatty chicken

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vitomum · 03/12/2006 19:17

personally i always go for free range with chicken. so what if it has been fed an organic diet, it might still have been sitting in its own shite for its entire lifetime

hulababy · 03/12/2006 19:20

I always buy free range chicken for Dh and DD, or other guests visiting. I don't eat it. However it always looks and feels the nicer of those available, both when in the shop and when I am preparing/cooking it.

whensantagotstuckupAITCHimney · 03/12/2006 19:21

PMSL vitomum. what a lovely image as i sit down to my organic roast chicken...

vitomum · 03/12/2006 19:25

sorry Aitch! i am sure some of them have lovely lives....

Zofloyya · 03/12/2006 19:40

vitomum, organic standards in force in this country go far beyond what the bird is fed. Many people prefer organic farming specifically because it invariably has higher standards for animal husbandry than the mainstream methods currently in use.

Organic chickens have to be kept in better conditions than those laid down by the standards for 'freerange' but non-organic poultry. In fact, if you look at the Soil Association's regulations, they even mention the question of chickenshit specifically - and there has to be less of it per square metre than with any other standard for chicken husbandry.

WonderCod · 03/12/2006 19:40

i read that and laughed

Mojomummy · 03/12/2006 19:55

I'd be interested to know the different levels in the omega 3's. On the Dispatches programme (last year) tests showed how low the levels are in battery chickens - they put the low levels down as a contributing factor to the increase in mental illness.

I've had a look on the University & can't find anymore info.

whensantagotstuckupAITCHimney · 03/12/2006 20:26

but if the higher vits and oils in non-organic chickens are due to feed supplements, isn't that line a bit bogus?

zippitippitoes · 03/12/2006 20:28

so it's best if organic chickens are permanently constipated

OP posts:
TwoIfBySea · 03/12/2006 21:31

Glad I can only ever afford the free range now!

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