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did anyone see new football 'chant laureate' on Channel Four and Beeb?

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eddm · 11/05/2004 23:11

Very funny, Andrew Motion was head of panel selecting someone to go around all the premier league clubs and write a chant for each one. Barclaycard are funding a bursary, would you believe?
But even funnier it's my solicitor! Maybe one day I'll be able to boast about my celeb mate... bet I won't get a cheap conveyancing deal from him again though

OP posts:
eddm · 12/05/2004 05:40

can't believe no-one saw this, he's a friend too

OP posts:
Davros · 12/05/2004 07:41

I heard some droning in the background on R4 yesterday and wondered what was going on, sounded like it must have been this. Is s/he any good, have they got the wings of a sparra and are they carrying celery...... I think we should be told

Marina · 12/05/2004 12:33

Did not see the programme eddm, but read his winning chant in the paper and was very impressed - apart from the fact that it's got me humming Barry Manilow this morning ffs .
For one dreadful moment I thought you meant Andrew Motion was your pal. His Laureate efforts have frequently been disparaged on this site! I think we all concluded we wanted Wendy Cope instead.

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