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the vatican admits condoms are best

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elysiasmumma · 26/11/2006 13:58


OP posts:
Gillian76 · 26/11/2006 14:00

not really !

edam · 26/11/2006 14:12

Will believe it when I see it. Btw, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was the body which brought us the Spanish Inquisition.

ballbaby · 26/11/2006 14:20

Think it's rubbish that the vatican's stance on condoms has caused spread of AIDS in Africa. If people really listened to what the vatican said there would be no sex outside marriage and that would solve a lot of the problem (although not the poor orphaned children that have it - awful awful thing). Is this new stance going to make any difference?

southeastastra · 26/11/2006 14:25

it's so tempting to come in with no one expects the spanish inquisition..

it's a good thing long time coming

paulaplumpbottom · 26/11/2006 16:00

I agree with ballbaby that it does seem unfair to blame the Catholic Church for the AIDS problem in Africa, although I'm sure it hasn't helped matters either. I also agree that abstinace and monogamy are the best ways to prevent the spread of this horrible disease.

It is about time the church changed their stance on this but I also wonder if it will help. I mean if they were really listening to what the church was saying they wouldn't be having sex in the first place. I hope I'm wrong.

ballbaby · 26/11/2006 18:43

Not saying I passionately support the vatican or Catholic Church or anything - but just seems unfair on this issue. Horrific acts have been carried out by the (men in the) church throughout history - but think as a moral code Christianity can be good. Even though I don't "believe". And don't always follow the code and make up my own morals!

Overrunnerbean · 26/11/2006 18:52

I think in recent years the catholic church should be accountable for telling people not to even wear condoms. It used to be the case, when the catholic church was slightly less conservative that condoms were okay, because it doesn't interfere with conception inside the womens body iyswim, so therefore, not a very very early form of abortion as such like the coil for example.
Most middle class catholics from the western world do practice contraception within their marriage, but its uneducated vulnerable people in South America and Africa who take this as gospel. Just look at the epidemic they are facing, to see the consequence of this.
It is proven time after time again that preaching abstinence does not work, so it is ridiculous to suggest it does, even if its a "nice" idea. How can celibate men have any clue about sexual behaviour.
The whole thing makes my blood boil to be frank. So lets hope this marks a real departure.
One last thing, I saw a Panarama on this a couple of years ago. There was a African catholic priest advising a wife to sleep with her HIV positive husband as it was ordained by God that women should lie with their husbands. Nuff said

edam · 26/11/2006 18:52

Um, I think you can blame the Catholic church for the spread of Aids, actually. Not only by telling people not to use condoms, but by spreading lies and disinformation - suggesting condoms won't protect you so there's no point in using them. The church has been merrily condemning people to death - some of those orphans wouldn't be orphans if it wasn't for the twisted ideology of the Catholic hierarchy.

Overrunnerbean · 26/11/2006 18:53

yes exactly Edam, what twisted logic thougth up the advice not to use condoms because they are not always effective, so there is no point. fgs

ballbaby · 26/11/2006 19:02

Didn't know that they had been telling people condoms didn't work etc. And as for the HIV positive husband . Not good. All I was saying was that why would people take to heart one dictat but completely ignore another.

Journey2 · 27/11/2006 15:45

I think not only will it help with the obvious point made here, HIV, but I think of maids in the Phillipines where they find themselves having to work abroad to support X amount of children back home. All maids in one part of Asia I knew had no less than 3 children and was the main reason they worked abroad to support their children. It will allow choice and planning, which I think is a good thing.

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