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A bit of a contradiction from our rulers today regarding smoking & drinking..

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UCM · 23/11/2006 08:14

Did anyone see news this morning about people being able to potentially buy fags/booze over the internet at European prices. Now forgive me if I am wrong, but aren't our Govt. trying to cut down on people smoking & drinking. As a smoker and avid wine drinker, I am grateful for any reduction in price but it's not exactly going to help me give up smoking. It all seems a bit mad.

OP posts:
Tortington · 23/11/2006 08:19

ahhhh but UCM - if the Govt did everything for you it would be rather Orwellian.

give up smoking, its killing you.

southeastastra · 23/11/2006 08:20

woohoo cheap fags!

Freckle · 23/11/2006 08:23

Don't think the government has much say in the matter as it appears to be a European ruling.

UCM · 23/11/2006 08:25

I want to. Believe me. I used to buy cheap fags and still can if I wish but I stopped as it just meant that the main reason for wanting to give up (price) was wiped out. Am 3/4 of the way through the Alan Carr book but frightened to read the rest as I HAVE to give up then . Reading the Mummy Diaries instead.

BTW, can you imagine if we can buy wine for a 1.00 a bottle..........once I have had this baby, I will be permanently pissed

OP posts:
Beelliesebub · 23/11/2006 09:06

I read something about this last week and initially thought "Wahay, that's me on the net for crimbo" but then some killjoy mentioned that the government will increase income tax etc. to replace lost revenue on booze and fags...

morningpaper · 23/11/2006 09:07

Booze and fags make a FORTUNE for the Government

They will be v. pissed off about this I'd imagine

edam · 23/11/2006 09:14

Ruling has come through - no cheap booze and fags off the internet. You'll still have to go to Calais if you want to stock up.

What gets me is the government moaning about the cost of smoking related disease but carefully not mentioning smokers pay £8bn a year in extra tax. Which covers even the most extreme estimate of the cost of smoking to the public purse many, many times over. They should be honest.

Callisto · 23/11/2006 10:15

That was always my arguement as a smoker Edam and it shut no end of self-righteous prigs up.

I am very glad that people can't buy cheap fags/booze on the internet purely because it would have left a truly enormous hole in UK finances and GB always seems to overspend.

southeastastra · 23/11/2006 19:56

but why should we pay more in the uk than the rest of europe! it's unfair

themoon66 · 23/11/2006 20:36

I quite enjoy my little jaunts over to France to buy wine. I save my Tesco vouchers up to get free channel crossings and me and DH get a romantic night away once in a while. It wouldn't be the same if we just ordered it on-line.

UCM · 23/11/2006 20:38

I know SEA, it does seem unfair, but I think GB has a bigger social spending budget than most European countries. it's gotta come from somewhere and if it comes from silly feckers like us killing ourselves with fags

OP posts:
Twinkie1 · 23/11/2006 20:40

Had to go and see ENT surgeon not long ago and was terrified of telling him that I smoked only to find him puffing happily away on a pipe - when I joked to him that it would kill him he said that the tax on them paid all the consultants wages and so he was providing a service really 'Dear Girl'

3andnomore · 23/11/2006 23:49

Hm...that is the thing though,,,,,when being in germany, yes I liked my booze and had my piss ups, etc...and when in cyprus where booze is cheap as well or was at the time, ot was the, in effect I drank less...because here I fell every drop has to be worth it and when it is on special offer I will by a lot and drink it as I can't stop myself...o.k...not in one night...but I will drink more...ebcause it;s more of a specialty...whilest the high prices don't even make me buy less...and it was the same when I for me, I kow it would be better if I could take up a relaxed relationship with alcohol and not worry to much either way and I would only drnink half of what I drink now!

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