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Faslane 365

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Donk · 06/11/2006 20:57

The government are considering replacing Trident (which is reaching its 'sell by' date) - with all the concommitent costs involved not to mention being in contravention of its duties under the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. Faslane 365 is seeking to draw attention to this by blockading the base every day for 1 year.
Over 200 people arrested so far (since the 1st of October), but minimal media coverage.....
Is anybody else involved/interested....?

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worldgonewild · 06/11/2006 21:57

Can you start with a weblink to the campaign?

Coming from a country that has banned all things nuclear I'm certainly interested in the topic. Our blog is discussing this at the moment. See this site .

P.S. Unfortunately this forum area has gone to sleep lately!

Donk · 08/11/2006 20:13

Here is the weblink - sorry its taken me this long to reply!

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Donk · 08/11/2006 20:17

And here is a working weblink to The Coffee House

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Donk · 08/11/2006 20:19

Please if anyone feels moved to do so WRITE TO YOUR MP - the media seem intent on ignoring the action. I will be there this weekend with the Northern Quakers (a.k.a. The White Poppies)

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worldgonewild · 08/11/2006 20:33

Hey Donk. Keith on our blog is a Quaker. There is so much going on at the moment that the media has got its hands full with sensationalist war and scandal headlines. What you're doing is great. Keep it up.

Thanks for sorting out the blog link! Not sure what went askew there. Took a few months to get our blog going but with perseverence we now get google-hit constantly!

Donk · 16/11/2006 21:04

Well here I am back from Faslane - it was interesting and educational as well as very wet and cold! If anyone wants to know more I will happily expand on this.
Does anyone else on Mumsnet care about whether or not huge sums are spent on replacing Trident nuclear submarines?

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