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baby burns to death in an oven

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whymummy · 23/04/2004 17:55

i've just read it on the evenng standard,he was 3 months old and the mum has been arrested under the mental health act,oh god poor little child

OP posts:
Angeliz · 23/04/2004 17:56

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

Thta is horrendous!!!!

baldrick · 23/04/2004 17:57

please tell me he wasn't in the oven

whymummy · 23/04/2004 17:59

he was found somewhere else in the house and died in hospital

OP posts:
charlieplus3 · 23/04/2004 18:02

Can anyone link this story please

ponygirl · 23/04/2004 18:02

I feel sick.

Janh · 23/04/2004 18:03

You don't want to read it, c+3. I saw it on the Sun's website this morning...

Soapbox · 23/04/2004 18:04

Its absolutely horrific isn't it. My god what was going through her mind. How could anyone...

charlieplus3 · 23/04/2004 18:06

I know its terrible jan!! I cant get my head round why people do this sort of thing. Been reading about baby dieing from salt overdose earlier. Its shocking!

Angeliz · 23/04/2004 18:08

I cannot stop thinking about that now


essbee · 23/04/2004 18:09

Message withdrawn

LIZS · 23/04/2004 18:12

Sounds horrific Doesn't bear thinking about how long he went untreated let alone how it happened. Reminds me of one case a few years ago where baby suffered burns from tumble drier. Toddler sibling was "blamed", logic being that baby had a wet nappy and mother was asleep. Friend who had worked in legal capacity for SS always had her doubts

ZolaPola · 23/04/2004 18:14

Don't know any of the details and truly shocked by this, but can't help thinking poor mum too! Absolutely awful what's she's done, but she clearly needed help and didn't get it. Such incidents happen far too regularly and demonstrate how vulnerable new mums & babes can be.

CountessDracula · 23/04/2004 18:32

Oh god Poor little mite

smellymelly · 23/04/2004 18:36

That's truly horrible, makes me sick too.

AussieSim · 23/04/2004 18:46

I really wish I hadn't read it.

Hulababy · 23/04/2004 19:22

How horrific; doesn' bear thinking about it does it? That poor little baby

aloha · 23/04/2004 19:31

I can't believe that NOBODY realised she was stark staring mad. I think there should be an inquiry.

Soapbox · 23/04/2004 19:35

Well Aloha has kindof opened up the road to the question that has been burning on my mind since reading this! But it is not really very politically correct!

How mad do you have to be to do something like this! Is it possible to be mad enough or is it just evil. I don't know the answer but I can't imagine anyone no matter how unstable mentally actually putting a baby in an oven. Drowning maybe, smothering maybe but this.

God, I should never have read it

Kayleigh · 23/04/2004 19:43

Oh god no.

Demented · 23/04/2004 21:14


Soapbox from my own experience of having a totally mad neighour and trying to have her sectioned, liasing with local MSP etc, it seems that to have neighbour sectioned she has to violently attack someone. In other words they want to shut the door after the horse has bolted.

Janh · 23/04/2004 21:26

Was Victoria Climbie's aunt (?) mad? What was done to that little girl was way beyond normal behaviour but was she mad or evil or what? And social services were already involved and let it happen.

If people are actually mad, are they thus devious enough to make it look as if they are OK when they need to? Suspect so - there is a thread on MN somewhere about someone's mother who has serious mental problems but when speaking to a professional smartens up and behaves as if she is normal. I would hate to be in the position of having to try to decide whether someone really is a threat or not.

suedonim · 23/04/2004 21:34

OMG, that poor baby. And poor woman, too, when she realises what she's done. I can actually imagine that someone very ill could do such a thing, maybe voices telling her, or her thinking that it would be a good way of keeping the baby warm, something like that. An absolute tragedy.

emmatmg · 23/04/2004 21:51

I saw this this morning when I got up and read the online editions and it's been haunting me all day. That poor baby.


tiredemma · 23/04/2004 21:55

i saw something on the teletext and couldnt stop thinking about it, i dont want to go to the link for it cuz i really dont want to read about.
how awful.

mummytojames · 23/04/2004 22:12

you think that the midwife when she was coming round to visit because mine was coming every other day might have noticed something was up

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