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who do you think you are Nigella?

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cremolafoam · 13/10/2006 12:27

just thought she was a bit snotty about finding that her ancestor was a thief.
also did not realise quite how posh and loaded she must be.

OP posts:
ProfYaffle · 13/10/2006 12:29

I thought it was dull, I prefer it when the ancestors are poor and wretched.

pianomummy · 13/10/2006 12:31

some of her ancestors were poor and wretched - east end jews in the slums who lost 2 children to malnutrition.

throckenholt · 13/10/2006 12:32

I thought it was interesting. And it was obvious she had steered away from dad's side of the family.

I wonder why she was so interested in the men of the family - even though she had gone down the female line.

As ever - these programs leave you asking - but what about that branch, or what happened to whoever.

ProfYaffle · 13/10/2006 12:36

I kept wandering off and missing bits, it just didn't hold my attention which is unusual as I normally love this series.

southeastastralplain · 13/10/2006 12:37

i suppose they picked what they thought was the most interesting to the viewer, the start of the lyons 'empire' it was interesting

hannahsaunt · 13/10/2006 14:27

Her mum was absolutely beautiful!!! Found it really interesting.

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