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Richard Branson gove 3 billion pounds over 10 years to reduce greehouse gases

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Blandmum · 21/09/2006 17:50

Well, bugger me with a fish fork!

That is what I call putting money where your mouth is!

OP posts:
JackieNo · 21/09/2006 17:51

Blimey - that's impressive. Good on him.

SenoraPostrophe · 21/09/2006 17:58

not sure this is as generous as it sounds: the money is going into a new company called "virgin fuels" or something like that.

but even so, it's a lot of money and about time someone with the status of branson started doing something.

Blandmum · 21/09/2006 19:25

having looked at this on the internet it is 3 billion dollars, not pounds.

Still, that is a shed load of cash

OP posts:
marthamoo · 21/09/2006 19:26

I think he was inspired by ThomCat's thread.

PinkTulips · 21/09/2006 22:40

impressive isn't it. i saw the interview he gave on BBC news and was dead impressed, if only a few more of the super-rich could think like him.

i though it was all his profits from virgin air and rail though?

moondog · 21/09/2006 22:41

Top bloke

CJinSussex · 21/09/2006 23:27

If airlines had to pay tax on the fuel they used it would add up to a hell of a lot more money than £1.6b But at least he's doing something.

DominiConnor · 26/09/2006 16:13

SenoraPostrophe is right.
(don't imagine she thought I'd say that)

Lord Branson is a smart businessman, and the BBC sees himself as his personal PR outfit. Many people made commitments at the Clinton summit, yet he got all their coverage.
President Clinton was clear that you only got into that game if you, personally were doing someting. It was not a gas session, well it was, but not 100%. Did anyone who only watches British news know that ?

He's investing in new types of fuels.
That's a good thing.
But rather different from the BBC spin of "giving" 3 gigaquid to sort this out.
Also, my information is that he simply doesn't have 3G.
But even if he did, one should look at his track record.
Recall an earlier product launch the BBC gave him,. that for his range of condoms as AIDS hit the media consciousness. The profits were going to charity.
Well sort of.
They did.
For a while, until he sold the brand...

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