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1 in 3 people have never spoken to their neighbours

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MrsFio · 24/08/2006 19:36

according to our very interesting local news

how about you?

OP posts:
southeastastra · 24/08/2006 19:37

i talk to mine

MrsFio · 24/08/2006 19:38

well southeastastra, I wouldnt think anything less of you my dear

OP posts:
intergalacticwalrus · 24/08/2006 19:39

I live in a cul de sac in Bath where it's v old school. I am really good friends with my next door neighbour, and all the other folk around are really friendly and neighbourly. Most of the poeple on my road are in sheltered accommodation, and are over 65, so that's probably why.

I lived in a v posh street in Bath a few years back. I hated it becuse all the poeple living there were up their own arses and never spoke to me or DP. We love it where we are now. I think we are v lucky. It's nice to know that your neighbours are looking out for you I think.

bogwobbit · 24/08/2006 19:41

I heard this too and tbh I was quite surprised. I can't imagine living somewhere I had never spoken to the neighbours. Where I live now, in a small estate of about 50 houses in 3 streets, I know at least half of them to talk to and probably about 6 or 7 of them better than that. I think it would be pretty sad never to have spoken to your neighbours.

cat64 · 24/08/2006 19:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

TooTicky · 24/08/2006 19:45

We live in a row of cottages, rural like, and it's friendly.
We lived in an iffy part of Bristol for a while and the neighbours on one side never spoke to us but we could hear them swearing constantly.

VeniVidiVickiQV · 24/08/2006 19:47

Doesnt surprise me where I live. Little old lady next door I do speak to. It was 5 years before we spoke to the people 3 doors along. We speak intermittently to the neighbours with whom we share a wall - but - they are pig ignorant most times we have had to speak to them its to tell them to turn their music down, or to quit the DIY at 11pm on a Sunday night over New Year. Havent spoken to the people next to them......might do to tell them that our mutual neighbour bumped their car last week and didnt bother letting on.

TheBlonde · 24/08/2006 20:12

I speak to mine, have done so in every place I've lived

hulababy · 24/08/2006 20:19

Moved here last September and have spoken to our immediate neighbours, plus 2 or 3 others from the cul-de-sac. We have had a few drinks over the summer with our neighbours, and DD plays with their little boy. Also know a few others from the estate. The estate actually encourages all this too with the odd event - Christmas party, New Years Eve meet at pub, summer picnic on the green, etc.

At the apartment that we lved at before here we said hello to the people on our floor, and one or two others - but nothing more.

UselessMum · 24/08/2006 20:42

I've spoken to my two next door neighbours since I first moved in 5 years ago. It's only since DH moved in though that we know the whole neighbourhood!
I like it!

TheLadyVanishes · 25/08/2006 09:57

live in cul de sac and know everyone and speak to them, got new neighbour next door, youngish couple and this is a family orientated street. They have been fairly noisy but as they are just in and probably decorating DIY etc I can't be too annoyed but it is frustrating when its waking dd from her nap

Anchovy · 25/08/2006 10:11

Blimey, its like Ramsey Streeyt where I live - residential road in SW London. People 2 doors down came round with flowers and a card when we moved in; both immediate neighbours are always on for a chat over the hedge, take parcels in etc. On one side they watered our tomatoes when we were on holiday and their teenage girls babysit; on the other side I have lent them a few bits and pieces for their new baby and go over for the occasional cup of tea.

Every Christmas someone in the road has a lunchtime drinks party specifically for the whole road and its nice - last year it was a grandparent-aged couple and it was a great, mixed age party - boys playing football in the frozen garden, small girls in party dresses running round with hula hoops on their fingers; lots of vol-au-vents (my first viewing of the same since about 1975); and LOTS of mulled wine (I think I had to go and have a lie down afterwards!)

mrsironknickers · 25/08/2006 10:12

I wish I didn't have to. They are selfish pains in the butt.

JessaJam · 25/08/2006 10:23

I say hello to one next door neighbour...and know the guy with the business on th eother side, but have never spoken to the people who rent the flat above the business. Over the road from us there is a couple who are friendly to everyone and we chat to them. Other than that I can normally squeeze a "hi" out of a couple of others. Generally if you haven't lived around here for generations, you aren't "in"...

alligator · 25/08/2006 10:24

I live on a main road which isnt very conducive to being neighbourly but still manage to chat to our neighbours. Dp is tho better at this than me as I tend to live in a dream and walk past people in the street without recognising them . Do love a good gossip over the hedge tho

iota · 25/08/2006 10:27

If I didn't speak to my neighbours, I'd have hundreds of parcels in my hallway they get about 2 a week that I have to take in

NomDePlume · 25/08/2006 10:57

My old next door neighbour (we moved earlier this year) was/is an absolute treasure. We were in and out of each others houses and whatnot all the time. She is the only thing I miss about my old house, thankfully we only moved 15 minutes away from her so we can still keep in touch easily.

Our new neighbours keep themselves to themselves and are perfectly fine, polite etc, except the H who ignores me and will only say hello to my DH [mildly exasperated emoticon]. They are not noisy or anti-social, so suppose they would technically be classed as good neighbours, but having had a fantastic neighbour I've been a bit spoilt

alexa1 · 25/08/2006 12:29

I think this true in a lot of cases. In my last address I only knew my neighbours on the one side to talk to really well and ask favours. On the other side we had 3 different sets of people come and go and they never bothered to talk, only to say hello.
Where I live now is much friendlier. My neighbours either side are great. I know the people in say 10 other houses, the rest I have no idea.
I think people come and go and also people work long hours and when they get home they don't see their neighbours especially in the winter.
Long gone are the days when everyone knew everyone in the street.

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