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Vic reeves...grrrrrr.....

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shhhh · 18/06/2006 12:49

He's reported in the notw saying how nancy sorell (his wife) has lost her baby weight in just 3 weeks. She gave birth to twin and seems to have slimmed right down. He says that pregnant women use pregnancy as an excuse to over eat and to have "cravings" which is just an excuse to over eat Angry.

Tell you what vic, why don't you try and be pregnant where you have to watch what you eat due to risks, thats if you can eat through the sickness or heartburn etc. Selfish twit....!
These "celebrities" make my blood boil.

Sorry but nancy may have the body of babewatch but sadly has the face of crimewatch. I hated them from the moment they stepped into the "jungle" together. Angry

Rant over..!!!!

OP posts:
Ledodgyherring · 18/06/2006 12:50

Pmsl at "the body of baywatch and the face of crimewatch" Grin

shazronnie · 18/06/2006 12:53

vic reeves is a fat tosser anyway!!!

tribpot · 18/06/2006 12:55

Was going to say, his wife may (or may not) have lost her baby weight, when is Vic going to do the same?!

GDG · 18/06/2006 13:13

Well what's his excuse then?! He's hardly skinny himself is he?!

mimitwo · 18/06/2006 13:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spidermama · 18/06/2006 13:20

I wonder what Vic blames his lard issues on then.

niceglasses · 18/06/2006 13:21

Gonna say like, er, wouldn't take anything V Reeves said toooooooooo seriously.

speedymama · 18/06/2006 13:24

On the front of Best magazine is Gabby Logan with the headline "how I got my flat tum only 10 days after having my twins". Purlease!! If I recall, her labour lasted over 25 hours and it supposedly took a lot out of her. Also, the photos show that she did put on quite a bit a weight as one would expect.

Well, I had twins, did not overeat, put on over 4 stones (most of which I have now lost) and despite running, abdominal exercises etc, my tummy is resisting returning to its former prone state. I think these Celebs have a special gene that us mere mortals lack - I also think most of them are full of the brown stuff. Needless to say I won't be buying Madam Logan's DVD.

spidermama · 18/06/2006 13:24

Well I wonder what sort of reaction the comment was supposed to attract then. It certainly isn't funny.

spidermama · 18/06/2006 13:24

Bob Mortimer was always the funny one in that duo. Vic has never been funny IMHO.
Like Jennifer is much funnier than Dawn.

shhhh · 18/06/2006 13:25

maybe not but shows even more so what a to##er he is..!!!!

LOL about his "baby weight" Grin..!!

OP posts:
shhhh · 18/06/2006 13:30

spidermama "Here here" with both comments..!!!

Not a good subject for us mums or mums to be..! I am also sick of those celebrity mums who claim to have shrunk back to prebaby weight..another one is now geri halliwell. Sorry but If I put dd into daycare, had a cleaner had a chef or didn't eat anything and spent 12 hours aday exercising then I would to have a body to admire.I also wouldn't have a life. Sorry but I wouldn't change my post baby body or my pregnant body for anything..well maybe not anything Wink..!

I know alot of people hate or dislike jade BUT imo at least she has a typical womans figure post baby...noone can deny that. I admire that esp in the current celebrity perfect figure wars..

OP posts:
Caligula · 18/06/2006 13:32

I also don't understand what's so virtuous about losing all your baby weight in 5 minutes. Does it make you a better mother or something?

I wish interviewers would ask that question when they come across this phenomenon.

pops3 · 18/06/2006 14:27

Also, have you noticed how many celebs have to have an "emergency section" 3 weeks before they were due? Check it out. I reckon they all have tummy tacks at the same time.

SenoraPostrophe · 18/06/2006 14:46

bizarre comments coming from a man, i think. why the hell does he care whether women overeat or not? and who cares if they have an "excuse"?

Did his ex wife have kids? is it actually a dig at her by any chance?

MrsDoolittle · 18/06/2006 14:51

Don't give a flying F* what Vic Reeves says, to be honest. He's a complete tosspot. Who cares what he says and why should we??

Neither himself or Nancy Sorrell did themselves any favours going into the jungle.

Tommy · 18/06/2006 14:57

agree totally mrsdolittle Grin
also with shhhh - I think these "celebs" forget that while they are working out and having minscule meals provided for them and someone else looking after their newborns (so that they can be slim again and, therefore, news and photograpg worthy) the rest of us normal people are trying to look after the baby plus the older ones, carry life on as normal as possible and not caring too much about wieght loss because we have more important things on our mind - i.e. a new baby to feed and cuddle!

Tinker · 18/06/2006 15:14

He's a bore isn't he? Was dull dull dull on the programme where they look into their ancestors. He came across an elderly relative in Liverpool who was a) far more interesting than him and b) had never heard of him Grin

peachyClair · 18/06/2006 15:26

Ah he is just promoting his new book and desperate for a soundbite- when was he last in something of any note? Hmmm?

I lost my baby weight with ds1 within a day. Sadly that was because I didn't gain any and had to be hooked up to a drip for rehydration, the weight i did gain was from pre-eclamptic swelling which I then lost over 24 hours, it was horrible. A buit of healthy weight gain (as with ds 1 and 2) would have been far preferable.

But re Vic... not going to get a lot of news coverage saying (of I expect we should allow a year or so for her to get back to her pre baby weight, butt hat'sOK. It's nature'

shazronnie · 18/06/2006 15:29

ALLEDGEDLY the early c section and tummy tuck is referred to as the "mend it like beckham."

shhhh · 18/06/2006 17:25

shazronnie I'd heard of that as well. Too many stars imo having emerg sections or sections full stop..! BUT could you imagine posh in labour though..? She doesn't smile at the best of times so god help 'em if she ever laboured..!!! It's prob Davids choice for the section Wink.!!!

Mmmm wonder what my consultant would say if I asked for a section..oh and at the same time just get rid of some of that xs fat will you mate..ta..! Shock.

OP posts:
shazronnie · 18/06/2006 18:53

posh can't do labour because her sunglasses might fall off, and her lip gloss might run. Wink


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pops3 · 18/06/2006 19:09

that's funny!!!Grin

CristinaTheAstonishing · 18/06/2006 19:24

Vic Reeves was extremely dull on Jonathan Ross the other night. Very boring. JR definitely deserved all his fees for the effort of trying to make something out of Friday's programme. The other guests were dull & disappointing too. John Malkovich was like an old, old geezer, going to his childhood memories and forgetting where he started. (Like me now :) )

pops3 · 18/06/2006 19:36

They say that posh wants another baby but is having touble conceiving because she is too thin.

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