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Another good reason for scoffing Green and Black's chocolate

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Caligula · 28/05/2006 09:54

Here's a cheering story

\link{,,1781908,00.html\How a £1.50 chocolate bar saved a Mayan community from destruction}

OP posts:
megglevache · 28/05/2006 10:03

Yes, great to read. Ds and I love the Mayan Gold bar. Yum.

winnie · 28/05/2006 10:08

a very cheering story :)

Gingerbear · 28/05/2006 10:27

But only Maya Gold is fairtrade - the rest are just organic. Green and Black's are owned by Cadbury now.
All Co-op chocolate is fairtrade (and is good stuff too)

Caligula · 28/05/2006 11:01

So are green and black's no longer fairtrade? I thought Cadbury had guaranteed that they were going to continue the fairtrade practice for G&B?

OP posts:
jampots · 28/05/2006 11:25

cadbury the MNer or Cadbury the chocolate empire? Grin

So does this mean I can now get cut price G&B from their factory shop?

snafu · 28/05/2006 12:03

Only for Maya Gold, Caligula. From the article, it's only ever been MG that's been fairtrade (I think) anyway. All still organic though.

suzywong · 28/05/2006 12:27

What an interesting read - it would make a great plot for a novel; discovering the old plantation, being the 5th white person to see it. I like it

Gingerbear · 28/05/2006 12:29

\link{\Cadbury bought G&B last year}

suzywong · 28/05/2006 12:41

\link{,,1781910,00.html\meanwhile on the other side of the sweetie world}

have you read this article in OFM about the Scots and their passion for sugar and the alarming health consequences?

fairyfly · 28/05/2006 12:44

Apparently your tetth are down to genes, fathers genes, my childs teeth are terrible, i can now blame the Scottish Father.

If you have two children and look after them exactly the same and one gets bad teeth,, well hmmmmmm, it must bwe the scots.

( also terrible for a child with a heart condition so he is in hospital soon for op)

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