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Beslan tragedy: conviction and cause

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Uwila · 26/05/2006 10:24

Let me begin by saying I think this man deserves worse than he got. Too bad he couldn't be given death. \link{\Sole surviving suspect of Beslan School Siege jailed for life}

BUT... the reporting of this story astonishes me. Why does no one report on how Russia ambitions to control Europes oil supplies (and proft accordingly) are invloved. This sory is old, but explains the scenario: \link{\Oil is what Russia sees in Chechnya}

Now of course what these rebels did intaking over the school was terrible -- too terrible for words really. But, let us all be aware the the Russian government is no innocent bystander.

It just annoys me that this is not advertised. We see the story like these freak rebels and terrorists just went after poor children. They have a cause, and what they want is independence. But, Russia won't allow it because the state owned Gas Company (Gazprom -- yes, the same one who is today looking at buying British Gas) is pumping (stealing really) Chechen reserves. But, more than that, if they were to give up chechen land, then they would have a harder time controlling all of Western Europes Gas supplies.

Now who is comfortable with Russia having this kind of control? WW3 anybody?

One of the reasons this really honks me off is because Russia stood up and accused the US and the UK for going to war in Iraq for oil profits. What insufferable hypocrites they are.

Ahhhhh... I feel better now. Grin

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Angeliz · 26/05/2006 10:29

They may have a cuase and i'll say outright that unfortunately i am very ignorant of it all!
To do something so disgusting though makes me not want to hear their cause iyswim. I know that sounds daft but using and killing children to be heard is barbaric!

Uwila · 26/05/2006 10:43

I totally agree. I just wish that Russia's part in the tragedy would be advertised. I wish they would explain what it is about.

And, of course, no matter what your cause, going about it in this fashion is so terrible that adequate words fail me.

But, in light of current events in the world of energy and politics, I think it should be know what Russia's interests are and what they perfectly prepared to sacrifice to obtain them. They want power. They are actively seeking to gain through control of oil reserves and transportation. No price is too great for Putin (or his predecessors... and probably successors).

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