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The teacher with the flatulent chair

19 replies

speedymama · 10/04/2006 15:22

Well, all I can say about \link{\this}, is if she, as a deputy head,cannot take the initiative in finding a chair that does not squeal, you have to question her judgement and lack of common sense, imo.Smile

OP posts:
rummum · 10/04/2006 15:26

how much do they earn £48,000 !!

Blackduck · 10/04/2006 15:34

Did think this was a joke when I first read it....honestly just swap it for another one....(rollseyes emoticon)

Blandmum · 10/04/2006 15:34

Please don't think that all teachers earn that amount. ATM I earn less than £20,000

desperateSCOUSEstrife · 10/04/2006 15:37

agree speedymama
seems like a stupid bint to me

Marina · 10/04/2006 15:38

It's not what she earns MB, it's her seeming total lack of nous, as the others say, about finding herself a non-squeaky chair. Honestly...
am contemplating suing my organisation for mental distress because I am at work and lots of colleagues are on leave Wink

Blandmum · 10/04/2006 15:41

Oh, quite, but we poor minions don't earn anything like that amount Smile

rummum · 10/04/2006 15:43

I work in a pre-school.. do you think I have grounds for sueing as the children are all childish Grin

Blandmum · 10/04/2006 15:45

I work with teenagers, could I sue for them being stroppy kevins and kevinas, do you think??? Wink

Pinotmum · 10/04/2006 15:47

Just swap it with someone elses chair fgs! I too work in a pre-school and have to sit on chairs for 2 yo's and that's no good for anyone's arse I can tell you Grin

puff · 10/04/2006 15:48

every time I think about this I snigger, as a gaggle of pre teen schoolboys would do Grin

puff · 10/04/2006 15:50

I got my bum stuck in a chair during assembly one day - oh the shame when it rose from the floor with me in front of 400 pairs of eyes. i wasn't even overweight at the time.

I think I shall sue retrospectively

Northerner · 10/04/2006 15:53

I seriously can not beleive this woman.

She tried to sue because school would not replace her farting chair, she had nervous breakdown over said farting chair.........

And she was a teacher? Cleraly not sane.

coppertop · 10/04/2006 15:53

Do you think I could claim compensation for having a flatulent baby? Wink


puff · 10/04/2006 15:55

I'd have come in extra early one morning and swapped it with the Heads - easy

Marina · 10/04/2006 16:18

ROFL at getting bottom stuck in seat, puff.
My inherited chair has a gravy stain on it (at least I sincerely hope that is what it is). Shall I sue my employers for unhygienic working conditions? Or should I Shock clean it myself with a spot of Febreze...

JonesTheSteam · 10/04/2006 16:22

She must have been the most organised, brilliant teacher in the world, if all she had to worry about was a bloody squeaky chair.

I had considerably more on my mind that sodding furniture when I was teaching, and I hadn't even reached the dizzy heights of being a deputy head.

FFS - silly cow!!!

FioFio · 10/04/2006 16:23

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

Spagblog · 10/04/2006 16:29

What a stupid woman. Did she have no initiative at all???

puff · 10/04/2006 20:41

lol fio

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