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Is it April 1st or....

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PeachyClair · 22/03/2006 19:18

is there an article on the Times cover about ateacher claiming £1 million partly because of stress caused by the authority not replacing a chair that amd efarting noises???????

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NomDePlume · 22/03/2006 19:20

deffo happening. Utterly bonkers example of our stupidly litigious society

Caligula · 22/03/2006 19:27

Ha ha ha I heard that on the radio and thought how trivial it sounds. But it must surely be part of a wider issue and of course the media have picked up on the most ridiculous bit.

PeachyClair · 22/03/2006 19:30

I think so but it seems to have got stuck on the chair:

'It was very emabarassing to sit on. I asked for a chair that didn't give me a dead leg or make these farting sounds and I regularly had to apologise that it wsn't me it was my chair'

and from the Head:

'one delivery of chairs s at inr eception for two weks. If it was an issue I would have expected her to help herself'

Dignity, woman, dignity!

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