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Just when I thought I've heard it all... (another baby story)

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MrsWood · 15/03/2006 11:23

In today's "Mirror" - father who sexually abused and murdered his 7 WEEK OLD son because he "couldn't cope" is facing life in prison.
Aparently, he subjected the baby boy to days of abuse incl. squeezing him to stop crying. He eventaully ended it all by stuffing a baby wipe in his mouth and let him suffocate. He also had 8 fractured ribs. He pleaded guilty.

Where do these animals come from!?

OP posts:
NikkiH · 15/03/2006 11:36

How sickening and so sad. That poor baby!

pashmina · 15/03/2006 11:40

I hope he gets what he desrves in prison

sweetkitty · 15/03/2006 11:46

OMG people like that do not deserve to live!!!!

My DD is 7 weeks old, that poor baby where was his mother whilst this was going on?

MrsWood · 15/03/2006 11:54

didn't say anything about the mother - maybe at work?

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