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Jamaica's first female Prime Minister

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speedymama · 28/02/2006 08:51

I was really happy to read about \link{\this}.

The fact is, it is the women in Jamaica who really keep things going. They raise the children, are the glue for the family unit etc.

I really admire Portia Simpson Miller, not only because she is a black woman but because she came from an impoverished background and has worked very hard to reach the top. She demonstrates that having humble beginnings is not a barrier to achieving any type of success. If a person has drive, ambition, steely determination and single mindedness, a bit of luck,then providing the environment is conducive to meritocracy, one can really achieve their potential.

OP posts:
edam · 28/02/2006 08:59

Brilliant news.

uwila · 28/02/2006 09:07

Yippee. Women are smarter. Grin

speedymama · 28/02/2006 11:12

Liberia recently elected the first African female Prime Minister also. I think it is about time the women took the helm at running the African countries. For most of the countries, the male leaders (and I use that term very looselyAngry)who have been ineffective, grasping, avaricious warmongering malingerers, have only been interested in stripping the natural resources and money out of the countries to feather their and their cronies personal nest eggs.

I think the women will have more empathy with the poor, dispossessed population - but then, isn't that what people in this country thought about Thatcher the Milk Snatcher!

OP posts:
MarsOnLife · 28/02/2006 11:25

That should be good for Jamaica because Patterson wasn't!

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