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"What Mum Needs Is A New Man"

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AussieSim · 14/02/2006 00:00

What Mum Needs Is a New Man
An interesting article from the Sydney Morning Herald. The Author a woman is concerned about the lack of workforce participation by women as they are staying home to look after children. She blames men for not doing their fair share at home and is worried about a society where so many women have 'opted out' and aren't making their valuable contribution. A good read -controversial/thought provoking.

OP posts:
monkeytrousers · 15/02/2006 15:30

I think it may well be a truism that "that women retain the major responsibility for raising children and keeping up the home." But it isn't exclusively so. Regardless of how many mothers leave work to care for their children, they shouldn't then be discriminated against because of it, do you see what I mean? Men can hardly do much if governments aren't doing more to help male and female work life balances better.

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