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That cheating Major, did anyone see Real Story tonight ?

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WSM · 24/11/2003 20:51

It was on BBC1 at 7.30pm. Tonights was about that Charles Ingram, the bloke convicted of cheating on Millionaire and also most recently of deception (insurance fraud type stuff).

I was absolutely disgusted by the mans attitude. I appreciate that he wants to defend himself against what is being said about him but really, all that programme showed was that he is obsessed with his infamy. It was like a fly on the wall thingybob. At one point it showed clips of his children, 3 young girls, being asked questions about what life was like for them. The kids just wanted things to get back to the way they were pre-millionaire, which is understandable, but the most telling thing was that said that "Dad loves being famous. He is always talking about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He tells us that this will all be over soon.". This is really causing misery to his children yet he keeps on publicising his 'plight'. If he'd have just shut up and kept his head down then it surely would have all blown over by now and his children would not be being bullied relentlessly by adults and children. The man is disgusting, he gets a kick out of being in the limelight, so to speak, despite it clearly causing misery to his own children. Rant over.

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