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Flu jabs for under-2 maybe?

3 replies

seb1 · 22/01/2006 22:11

flu jabs Anybody know anything else about this?

OP posts:
TwoIfBySea · 25/01/2006 00:22

I hope they don't introduce this. Children need to build up their own immunity to certain things.

Although I am aware the flu is a killer but still, it seems extreme. Yet another jab for their little bodies to cope with. And I know people who have had the flu jab then gotten the flu from it!

bobbybobbobbingalong · 25/01/2006 03:06

Seems a good way of spotting egg allergies in very young babies!

Pixel · 26/01/2006 12:28

Twoifbysea, I know several people who have been so ill after the flu jab that they have vowed never to have it again. Dh's friend thought he was joking when he told him that having the jab would give him flu. He wasn't laughing a couple of days later!

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